About ZMP INC.

ZMP INC. is an established company which specializes in supplying robotic teaching tools to Japanese universites. The company was founded in January 2001 in order to commercialize the results of the Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, under the jurisdiction of Japan‘s MEXT. The name of the company comes from the robotic walking algorithm   Zero Moment Point.

ZMP released the first humanoid robot designed for the consumer market , PINO® , in 2001. Like GeckoSystems CEO Martin Spencer, ZMP CEO Hisashi Taniguchi is now focusing on robotic solutions that can be used in daily life.

In 2004 the company began selling the first of the e-nuvo® educational robot series. In 2008 e-nuvo received the Robot of the Year from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SMERJ). The latest addition to the e-nuvo line is a two wheeled upright robot introduced in February of 2011. ZMP - on the e-nuvo

2006 – The miuro® is introduced, it is on the retail market in 2007. Miuro is a network-connected alarm clock/Internet radio/MP3 player/security camera/message board/iPod compatible dancing machine. ZMP believes that home applications are the key to success and miuro is more of a consumer appliance than a humanoid robot. Miuro received an award from the Robotics Society of Japan, as well as the Robot of the Year award from the METI in 2007. The Miuro Dances

2007 – ZMP Inc. and Pasona Tech personnel services create   Robotest Inc. to support robotics education; integrating technical training with product planning and management skills.

2008 – ZMP begins selling the source code for the nuvo® in order to encourage next-generation robotic The e-nuvo WALK® is sold online in Japan. Retail Version of the e-nuvo WALK

In 2009 a 1/10 scale research platform for
next generation cars was released.

The Automated Vehicle Platform

RoboCar Article and Video

Video of the 1/10 scale Robo Car in Action

At the end of 2009 an updated version of the humanoid e-Nuvo is released.   It is shown here in a teaching environment.
  The e-nuvo Humanoid

2009 also saw the introduction of ZMP's 9-axis wireless motion sensor IMU-Z for R&D applications in the healthcare and robotics fields.
   IMU-Z Wireless Motion Sensor

2011 – The e-nuvo wheel robot is upgraded. The new generation is a great improvement over the ones introduced in 2006.    As you can see in the video, this new e-Nuvo WHEEL is able to walk on irregular and smooth surfaces without falling.   A camera has also been added.

2011 e-Nuvo Wheel Robot

2011 - New safety modifications are being developed for the RoboCar® MEV called “eco-driving support”.    This technology will make the driver aware of things like weather conditions, traffic congestion and pavement conditions.    It will also encourage eco-friendly driving habits, minimizing energy usage.   Non-automotive applications of the RoboCar are also being developed.   Video of the ZMP Robo Car

"Humanoid robots are a generation away from entering the average household and working for human beings. . . . After working for seven years in the field, I've started to see the direction we should go in for robot development."

"I want to nurture more engineers," he said. "Each country has its competitive industry. The U.S. excels at software development and Japan is good at precision materials. My goal is that each person brings his or her expertise into joint development for products."

- Hisashi Taniguchi, founder and chief executive officer of Tokyo-based robotics company ZMP Inc1


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1  From a 2008 TMCnet interview.