In the third quarter of 2011 GeckoSystems began to undergo rapid change due to international recognition of the unique abilities of its navigational platform.

This page is under development at this time but it is our objective to make it a convenient way for investors to track GeckoSystems' rapidly evolving business relationships.

You will find information here on joint ventures, licensing, R&D, and production partnerships .

November 25, 2011   GeckoSystems announced the signing of a joint venture agreement to create a new business entity in the People's Republic of China in order to manufacture "collision proof" wheelchairs for domestic use and international sales. Although the company still has interest from healthcare officals in the Chinese government, we have been unable to finalize this arrangement. We intend to keep the lines of communication open, however.

November 2, 2011    ZMP Inc. of Japan announces intent to form a partnership with GeckoSystems.

More About ZMP

February 12, 2012   GeckoSystems sends their GeckoMotorController  software source code to ZMP engineers for evaluation.

About the Motor Controller

March 10, 2012   BaseBot configuration sent to ZMP for evaluation and for use as a research tool for future migrations of SafePath technology to ZMP applications.

About the BaseBot

September 27, 2012   ZMP announces a positive evaluation of the BaseBot technology, declaring the software to be of "high quality" with "a fully developed configuration interface".

GeckoSystems press release with a link to the Japanese release by ZMP.

October, 2012   GeckoSystems is identified as one of eight "key market players in service robotics industry" in an international report on the robotics industry. Inquiries for both Joint Venture and acquisition were received. As of January 2013 only joint ventures are bing considered and new inquiries continue. GeckoSystems hopes to finalize one or more of these in the new year.

GeckoSystems press release concerning the Research and Markets report.