Uses: Professional Healthcare

GeckoSystems is committed to providing the highest standard of medical assistance to Professional Health Care providers via the Mobile Service Robot (MSR) platform.


The ChairBot™ is expected to be our first product product for the professional healthcare market. It will be a completely new wheelchair designed and engineered for collision proof navigation using GeckoSystems proprietary software.

In will be equipped with artificial intelligence systems (GeckoSavants) developed for the CareBot™. In concert these systems enable the occupant of the chair to benefit from automatic collision avoidance and room-to-room transitions. GeckoChat™ would provide verbal interaction for control of the wheelchair and annunciate medication and other timely reminders. The GeckoScheduler™ would time and commence the prompting of the various reminders for medication and/or vital sign measurements such as blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar and/or oxygenation level, EKG monitoring, etc. mounted on the wheelchair. The GeckoSuper™ would be programmed by the care givers such that appropriate alarms would trigger should any pre-set vital sign parameters be exceeded and pre-designated parties promptly notified by pager, email, and/or cell phone.

In nursing homes or assisted living facilities each ChairBot™ would be wirelessly networked into the residence's IS system for continuous monitoring of each individual's vital signs as they went about their daily routines. With the help of ChairBot™, semi-professional and professional care givers would no longer be required to be in near constant physical proximity of the care receiver. Hence one caregiver could provide complete monitoring of multiple patients and yet be immediately notified if any of their vital signs exceeded pre-established bounds.

Applications for the CareBot™ in Professional Healthcare

Nurse's Aide

The CareBot™ MSR can act as a fully functional, cost effective assistant to medical personnel. It can carry onboard third party sensors for monitoring blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, etc. It is able to follow medical personnel while responding to commands.

Errand Running

The CareBot™ MSR, aside from a periodic recharge, does not require rest. It can perform many monitoring and supply transport tasks, allowing medical staff to devote more time to patients care.

Vital Sign Checking CareBot™ Occcupant to occupant blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygenation level, blood sugar level checking as well as medication delivery. Telepresence with the onboard video conferencing system will also enable more efficient health care delivery.