Uses: Government

GeckoSystems is dedicated to providing Mobile Service Robots (MSR)s to the Government. GeckoSystems' proprietary architecture can be extended to include machine vision, directional microphones, millimeter wave radar, LIDAR, hand gun weapon detect, biohazard detect, toxic gas detect, bomb detect, radioactivity detect, facial recognition, voice recognition, etc. for the creation of a SuperSentinel™ MSR.

Example Uses:


Using advance sensing and avoidance technologies, the SecurityBot™ MSR can evaluate the area in question using the maximum sensor capabilities. In addition it is able to carry 200 plus lbs of appropriate equipment.

Perimeter Patrol

The SecurityBot™ MSR is capable of securing large areas and evaluating and inspecting from a distance. It can be equipped with high tech armor, assisting in protecting first responders. It will detect changes in the inventory or environment, either missing or moved.

Airport Security and Surveillance

The SecurityBot™ MSR can ID potential hijackers and terrorists using third party facial recognition software, and subsequently notify the appropriate authorities wirelessly.

Third Party Support

GeckoSystems' flexible software and hardware architecture facilitates the addition of third party sensor platforms. This allows SecurityBots™ to be customized to a degree that can grant them the ability to detect and react to unique hazards, such as hazard identification or sniper detection.