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How can GeckoSystems SafePath navigation give today's
products a competitive 21st century edge?

It was the automation of the home in first half of the 20th century that enabled women to have a significant presence in the workplace. The computer revolution in the second half of the 20th century made access to vast amounts of data and information a part of our daily lives. In the 21st century, lifestyle and individual productivity will undergo another dramatic change as automation goes to the next level - mobile robotic assistance.

Highly educated, skilled, and experienced people already leverage their talents by hiring others to do routine chores and delegating tasks to subordinates. Personal robotic assistance will add another dimension to personal outsourcing. Mobile Service Robots will take over routine functions at home and at work while maintaining the personal control and privacy that is given up when tasks are outsourced to a third party.

"Work from home" will mean more than communication and mental activity. With the help of mobile service robots it will extend to include remote physical activities. People will also be able to take care of their "home from work". Personal and professional mobile robots will increase productivity and reduce time stress, "multi tasking" will take on a whole new meaning.

This technological revolution will require safe, intelligent, completely autonomous navigation. The GeckoSystems' SafePath AI platform has proprietary software that makes this advanced tecnology available today, and it can be migrated to almost any mobile application, even those that were not originally designed to have robotic control.

SafePath in Action - Migration to a Standard Power Wheelchair

The Low Level GeckoSystems Technology Set that Enables SafePath Navigation

Low Level GeckoSystems are Incorporated Into the BaseBot
( The BaseBot Will Be Available for OEM and Joint Venture evaluation of SafePath Navigation.)

Higher Level GeckoSystems Technologies Enable More Complex Robotic Behaviors

SafePath Licensing