GeckoSystems: Wheelchair Technology

Hardware and Software Architechure for the SafePath Wheelchair

GeckoSuper  (originally developed for the CareBot ) interfaces with and coordinates the individual AI behavior software components called GeckoSavants  that are used in this application. They are listed below:

GeckoSteer   is a new mobile robot solution developed to address issues unique to the SafePath wheelchair. Current technologies typically use hardware fixed adjustments to compensate for spasticity, tremor, and other involuntary movements caused by diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, these fixed adjustments also restrict the operator's freedom of movement. GeckoSteer  not only filters out these irregular movements, it also interprets desired direction and speed signals from the joystick, passing them appropriately to GeckoSuper.

GeckoNav  is automatic, self navigation AI software that enables the wheelchair to be directed to the user's desired destination destination while avoiding potential obstructions reported by GeckoImager to GeckoNav.

GeckoMotorController  manages wheel speeds per GeckoNav's commands. Individual wheel speeds are controlled to enable steering, maintain straight line runs, and go faster or slower depending on obstacles to be avoided per GeckoNav commands. GeckoMotorController also prevents lurching on starts and stops and enables turns to be bicycle smooth in their execution.

GeckoImager , provides GeckoNav AI with sufficient and timely vision depth data from Microsoft Kinects to create actionable situation awareness3 while providing a very safe, loose crowd4 level of autonomy that provides collison free operation of the now obstacle aware wheelchair.

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