Markets: The BaseBot™ Platform

The GeckoSystems BaseBot™ is a stripped down self navigating Mobile Service Robot. It includes the
essential mechanical, electronic, hardware, and
software components required for a utilitarian MSR.

Educators, hobbyists, and OEM distributors will
purchase this unit for thier own projects.

It will also be the foundation for GeckoSystems' professional healthcare, security, and other business to business product lines.

This is what a functional BaseBot™ must have:

Power - The power available must be sufficient to drive the locomotion system, sensors, hardware and software onboard the platform. The standard BaseBot™ will run a minimum of eight to ten hours per charge depending on the power requirements of the application.

Mechanicals - The mechanical component of a BaseBot™ encompasses the drive system and physical build specifications. The drive system must allow the robot to traverse a 1.5 inch vertical height. A 100 pound payload capacity is needed to support the typical onboard weight and expandability of the platform.

Sensory Systems - The sensory system must support the navigation. At minimum this would mean dual Kinect-type depth cameras. Additional IR range finders and sonar may be added to meet the requirements of the operational environment and application of the MSR. All sensory input is integrated into the SafePath™ navigation system to create real time self awareness for the BaseBot™.

Navigation software - this is the final and most unique component of a BaseBot™ enabled mobile service robot. It is what creates the SafePath™. GeckoSystems proprietary software integrates the sensory data and the locomotion system into a single fluid system. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for a BaseBot™ to navigate to a specified destination autonomously while safely avoiding both static and moving objects in the environment. The BaseBot™ is capable of moving through a loose crowd of workers or pedestrians without harming an individual.

The Anatomy of a BaseBot™

Hardware and Software Architecture ofthe BaseBot™