The CyberMobile Wheelchair - Mobility for the 21st Century

Concept Drawing

1. Ultrasonic rangefinders
2. Depth camera range finders

Multiple range finders are used by  GeckoNav  since no single range finder is sufficient. IR rangefinders fill in pockets and blind spots of the depth cameras. Ultrasonic rangefinders sense greater distances than the depth cameras and IR rangefinders for safer high speeds.

3. Voice and music reproduction speakers
4. Verbal interaction (voice recognition) microphones

Verbal interaction can be used for voice recognition command and control of the chair's movements. Speakers can be used for voice synthesis, playing music, or as a speakerphone. GeckoChat  gives the user access to numerous other voice controlled utilities.

5. Contact detecting wheelchair covering.

No low cost sensor detects objects that are only an inch or two away. Bump detection sensors on the lower chair coverering responds to contact and immediately notifies   GeckoMotorController   to stop all locomotion. This also enables the chair to literally feel its way through extremely narrow passages with incremental, slow movements.

6. Vital sign monitoring: pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, oxygenation level, glucose level, and more.

Vital sign monitors can be custom programmed to trigger an alarm locally or remotely if dangerous levels are crossed.

7. Passive infrared proximity detectors

Passive infrared detectors give accurate proximity data. The fusion of sensor data done on multiple levels creates actionable situational awareness.

8. Curb climbing capable drive wheels

Wheel speed is smooth and graceful with no abrupt starts or stops due to  GeckoMotorController  and its "constant energy" paradigm.

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