As a direct result of GeckoSystems focusing their R&D since 1997 on the market in greatest need for cost effective and truly utilitarian mobile robot systems, the suite of software and hardware robotic technologies is also appropriate for significant business to business markets such as professional healthcare, commercial security, agriculture, and Homeland Security.

Here's why: The average home environment is the most challenging dynamic environment for any mobile robot to function in fully autonomously. Homes have tight doorways, tight hallways, books, papers and magazines on the floor; and a variety of mobile occupants ranging from crawling infants to slow stepping elderly. The average home is generally more difficult for any mobile robot due to the those foregoing realiities.

Since our GeckoSavants are sufficient for home use, with all the static and/or dynamic obstacles, potentially delicate furnishings and interior decorations, we are confident that our suite of Basebot™ technologies will also appropriate for several very significant commercial markets.

Further businesses, as a general rule, are more risk averse than consumers. IBM faced enormous sales resistance in the commercial markets when consumers, such as individuals CPA's using spreadsheets, were gobbling up PC's at record paces.

You may also realize that the consumer market is over half the GNP, also.

So while we remain very focused on the consumer market due to its greatest need for better, less costly family care, those same robotic technologies can be readily migrated into business to business markets.

On March 28, 2012 Geckosystems announced that it had branded its navigation system SafePath and would be marketing it to OEM manufacturers for both robotic and conventional navigation applications.

Press Release Announcing SafePath Navigation

More Information about SafePath Navigation