AI Secondary: GeckoSteer ™

GeckoSteer  is a new mobile robot solution developed to address issues unique to the "collision proof" wheelchair. Current technologies typically use hardware fixed adjustments to compensate for spasticity, tremor, and other involuntary movements caused by diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, these fixed adjustments also restrict the operator's freedom of movement.

GeckoSteer  is AI expert system software that interprets movements of a joystick or alternative wheelchair control so that irregular movements are filtered out and the desired direction and speed signals from the joystick are passed on appropriately to GeckoSuper .

GeckoSteer  interfaces with standard USB physical, electrical and software communication protocols used in video game and joystick controllers. Video game joysticks are ruggedized for hundreds of hours of active usage by serious of "gamers."    GeckoSteer's  usage of industry standard joystick controllers lets the user choose from a wider price range of plug and play joysticks. Some of the most popular video game joysticks, like the one used in the prototype can be easily repaired with parts that are readily available. The use of an "off the shelf" joystick will reduce the initial cost of the product make maintenance simpler.

Since GeckoSteer uses TCP/IP, it can also be used over the Internet to remotely guide mobile robots in geographically distant locations while still taking advantage of locations and still enjoy the benefits of SafePathGeckoSteer automatic self-navigation. Moblie robots or other computer controllable mobile platforms such as pilotless drones, UAV's, land mine sweepers, AGV's, etc. will be guided more accurately with less operator stress.

GeckoSteer  is yet another Gecko Systems technology that works in synergy with other GeckoSavants  to create a truly autonomous wheelchair upgrade that creates a benefit to the user that is much greater than the sum of its parts.