AI Primary: GeckoScheduler™

Be it an hourly reminder to take your heart medication or simply announcing that your favorite TV show is about to start, GeckoScheduler will augment the care receiver's memory. It can store virtually any reminder, to be spoken at any time and any date of the owner's choosing. It can also schedule non-verbal events, such as patrolling the home.

Main Feature


For any mobile robot to have timely utility, there needs to be date, time and calendaring capability to schedule the mobile robot to execute certain tasks on certain dates at certain times. This is much like the scheduling capability of a VCR, DVR, or TiVo®. GeckoScheduler can be readily configured for executing the timing of medication reminders, etc.

GeckoScheduler enables mobile robots such as the CareBot™ to timely and repetitively remind the care receiver (via GeckoChat™), in addition to medication reminders, of favorite TV shows coming on, relatives and/or friends coming to visit, family anecdotes, favorite Bible verses, songs, and other timely, routine reminders. GeckoChat uses computer generated voice synthesis to verbally communicate to serve as a surrogate short-term or long-term memory, or a type of cognitive prosthesis. These reminders and/or verbal interactions may be scheduled as either one-time events or repetitive on a minute-by-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. These pre-scheduled tasks can include GeckoNav™ and/or GeckoTrak™ activities such as timely errand running, patrolling, and/or following the care receiver or other designated person.