AI Primary: GeckoChat™

GeckoChat lends a speaking voice to the CareBot™ so that it can communicate a wide array of information, whether it detects a life-threatening danger or it simply wants to tell a joke. GeckoChat also comes with a voice recognition system that allows the owner to give various commands to the CareBot™ verbally.

Main Features


GeckoChat™ is a conversational AI system that allows the user to verbally interact with those GSI systems that have GeckoChat bilateral communication capability. For instance, GeckoChat™ provides a verbal interface for a pre-identified user to request answers to questions entered by a caregiver or family member, to create reminders for important events, or to pass the time with a joke or word game. Also, the Mobile Service Robot has a way to relate information it observes about both its world and its internal state through GeckoChat™. By combining these system-specific capabilities with the standalone functionality of GeckoChat™, GeckoSystems provides a robust method to increase interactivity and autonomy in any domain where automated speech recognition and synthesis would be beneficial.

GeckoChat™ uses advanced voice recognition and synthesis technologies to allow CareBot™ MSRs to intelligently listen and respond to spoken commands of the caregiver and/or care receiver. GeckoChat™ can be readily customized to recognize words and phrases, then give back appropriate responses. In affect, the family can now create a unique personality for their family members by choosing the cadence, tonality, breathiness, etc. of the voice synthesis in addition to the various family anecdotes and colloquialisms specifically selected for the care receiver's benefit. GeckoChat™ continues the development of fundamental functional benefits needed to cost effectively provide utility to families for remote care taking of their members and other loved ones.

GeckoChat™ enables CareBots™ to timely and repetitively (using GeckoScheduler™) remind Grandma, or other care receivers, to take medications, of favorite TV shows coming on, relatives and/or friends coming to visit, and other timely, routine reminders by clearly saying the needed medication reminders, etc. to serve as a surrogate short term memory. Using GeckoChat™, the CareBot's™ personality can be readily changed and enhanced using a high-level user interface on the home PC.

Natural language processing and a forward chaining expert system written in Prolog is the primary structure of the AI engine. This new set of interactive verbal behaviors brings a new level of situational awareness to their mobile robots with actionable intelligence. Situational awareness is the environmental understanding resulting from blended sensor systems (such as listening and seeing) and the common sense implications of those combined perceptions.