Primary AI Technologies - The GeckoSavants

Artificial intelligence is a very complex technological field to understand, let alone implement. A Mobile Service Robot (MSR) must possess the intelligence to not only navigate its surroundings and prevent itself from entering inescapable danger, it must also possess the intelligence to do meaningful work for its owners. In some cases, certain functions need to be overridden temporarily (eg. the MSR is given a command to proceed to a waypoint, but it must temporarily steer away to avoid obstacles). All of this intelligence has to be efficient so that it can operate at high speed, while still being easy to maintain and modify.

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GeckoSavant is the generic name GeckoSystems uses to denote its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software engines. Historically AI expert systems are simply forward- or backward-chaining using if/then/else logic. Savant means "one with specialized knowledge." GeckoSavants not only use traditional expert systems technologies, but also subsumption and sensor fusion. Further GeckoSavants range on a continuum from skill centric to knowledge centric.

It is quite a challenge, but GeckoSystems has come up with a solution in the form of its GeckoSavant architecture. Within this framework, each individual GeckoSavant is responsible for only one particular task, such as navigation or speech synthesis. Each GeckoSavant is optimized for its particular task, and does not worry about external factors. The GeckoSavants then communicate with each other via TCP/IP and exchange information.

In this manner, GeckoSystems and third party programmers can easily add and extend the functionality of the MSR by adding another GeckoSavant and rules for interaction with the data it outputs.

These sensor-fused technologies bring a new level of cost effective situational awareness to cerate the adaptive, intelligent SafePath navigation system, the first truly autonomous navigation system for mobile robots.

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The Final Result

GeckoSystems uses multiple layers of sensors and sensor systems to achieve what some describe as "actionable situational awareness." For example, our CareBots are capable of powering down unnecessary systems to lengthen battery life while the care receiver sleeps and then power back up automatically if she gets out of bed at night or another problem arises. The CareBot "watches over" the care receiver using a scientifically developed fusion of sonar, active infrared, passive infrared, etc.enable the CareBot to be aware of the care receiver's movements such that GeckoTrak can guide GeckoNav so that it stays close enough to monitor her condition and enable GeckoChat to have verbal interaction with her. GeckoSuper then determines whether and when to automatically notify the caregiver that grandma is "up and about at 2:30AM" or that the care giver may needto look in on her personally. If the caregiver is in a remote location she can monitor her and communicate verbally, and determine if a physical visit is necessary or if emergency services need to be contacted.

Custom paramerters can also be set to summon emergency help immediatly via the CareBot's TCPIP capability.

This fusion of technologies is what helps the CareBot to help seniors remain in a home environment more safely and achieve greater personal independents.