Careers: Electrical Engineer

Work towards solving challenging issues in Control Systems, Hardware Abstraction, Situational Awareness and Sensor Fusion, among others... in an environment that promotes creative thinking and acknowledges the validity of everyone's opinion and perception. We routinely recognize and reward achievement and practice promotion from within whenever possible. Current entry-level compensation package valued between $45,000 to $60,000 -- with the opportunity for rapid advancement for demonstrably performing employees. Initially the pay scale is low given the pre-revenue, pre-IPO status of GeckoSystems and the training burden of new employees. The possibilities for promotion from this position are only limited by the competence, motivation and desire of the individual. Would require relocation to Conyers, GA.

Please send your resume and other documents to, Subject: Electrical Engineer.

Technology Description

GeckoSystems has developed propriety software for the core functionality of Mobile Service Robots. This includes navigation, verbal interaction, tracking and debugging software. We are primarily a software company even though the software runs on a robotic platform. The hardware platform is abstracted to the degree possible for the high level software by distributing intelligence through out the system. The goal of this is to provide the cleanest possible interface between the artificial intelligence and intelligent control software and the real world. Even though we treat robotics is 80% software and 20% hardware/firmware, the hardware/firmware layer of the platform can make or break the entire system. We have witnessed the navigation of the robot dramatically improve due to firmware changes and no alteration for the navigation AI. Recent testing with the navigation package also backs our belief that if enough sensor data can be supplied and tight enough control over the locomotion system can be achieved: then our navigation software can control the platform. This drives our need for skilled and imaginative electrical engineers to enable our impressive software.

GeckoSystems Description

GeckoSystems is dedicated to providing Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service™. Our solutions and understanding of the issues are far beyond our competitors both nationally and internationally. We have been able to accomplish this feat because of our focus on team building. Mobile service robots are a multi-disciplinary engineering problem that is too big for any one person or skill set. You will be working with other software, electrical, computer and mechanical engineers. A strong background in mathematics is critical because it gives a commonality between all engineering disciplines and is sometimes necessary to communicate complex problems. We also understand that issues outside of work can effect your productivity and address that with our "family first" orientation.

GeckoSystems has been operating for 11 years focused completely on mobile service robots. We have been studying the complexity of autonomous humanoid robots for much longer then almost all of our competitors. We have addressed issues that to the best of our knowledge many people are not aware of and we have solutions to many that we see on the horizon. The vast majority of the issues faced are solvable in software. The amount of software that is yet to be written, or applied, to mobile service robots is staggering and does not require special skills in robotics.

All our continuing hard work has occurred with a pre-revenue pre-IPO status. We do have a stock symbol on the Pink Sheets (GCKO) and are electronically traded, and it is management's vision to maintain the employee owned and operated status of GeckoSystems. While we are in the midst of a round of funding we are still a risky company, but with risk comes high reward -- both in stock appreciation, and bringing a truly spectacular, and beneficial technology to the general public.

Please send your resume and other documents to, Subject: Electrical Engineer.

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