Mission Statement

Our vision is to create practical, AI mobile robot solutions for personal, business, and government use. We are committed to deliver products of high quality that are safe, cost effective, and gratifying for all stakeholders.

About Us

GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (GOSY.PK) is a leading developer of mobile service robots (MSR's) based in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Now entering their twenty-third year of business (Video & Pictorial History), the Company specializes in supplying mobile robot solutions for safety, security and service™. Their suite of MSR hardware and software (BaseBot™) technologies enable MSR's to automatically self-navigate the home or workplace using proprietary sense and avoid technologies for reliable, unattended collision avoidance while patrolling and/or seeking preset destinations.

The Company's suite of BaseBot™ technologies in the CareBot™ MSR include: GeckoImager™ (a new type of optical range finding and vision system), GeckoSPIO™ (an advanced networkable, high I/O count robot controller board), GeckoOrient™ (a sensor fused positioning subsystem), GeckoNav™ (an AI centric automatic, self-navigation software), GeckoZap™ (a test, calibrate, and debug software suite), and GeckoChat™ (a verbal interaction system that enables timely verbal reminders, monologues, dialogues, and custom robotic personalities). Battery life is 10-20 hours.

The Company is seeking to partner in the professional healthcare, commercial security, and defense industry marketplaces.

Why "GeckoSystems"?

In many parts of the world, an important household member is the pet gecko. These fully autonomous, highly mobile, fast, and friendly lizards satisfy a critical function by keeping the insect population to a minimum. Frequently, the gecko performs this same beneficial service in commercial environments. Their surprising speed, grace and fluidity of movement, while preforming timely, utilitarian tasks safely around the home and workplace, exemplifies our company's capability to develop and manufacture mobile service robots with high levels of automatic self-navigation, utility, and cost-effectiveness. By carefully selecting the name GeckoSystems, the co-founders characterized their vision of creating "mobile robot solutions for safety, security, and service."

Executive Officers

The Company's management team provides the real-world working skills necessary to implement a winning strategy and to maximize the shareholder's return. The following are brief biographies of the management team members.

R. Martin Spencer, BS, MBA

President / CEO / Chairman of the Board

Since founding GeckoSystems over nineteen years ago, Mr. Spencer has led the invention of a comprehensive and complementary suite of robotic hardware and software (BaseBot™) technologies. The Company's suite of mobile robot solutions include: GeckoTactileShroud™, GeckoImager™, GeckoSPIO™, GeckoOrient™, GeckoTrak™, GeckoZap™, GeckoChat™ and GeckoNav™, the flagship product. These systems, and others, comprise the CareBot™ MSR 3.8.

Mr. Spencer was instrumental in the successful design and development of the first walking, bipedal robot in the world, "CURBi," (for Clemson University Robotic Biped) introduced in 1987. He also intimately supported robotics R&D at Georgia Tech, University of Florida, IBM, Texas Instruments, etc. His professional involvement in robotics started in the mid 1960's when he began studies as an electrical engineering student. He grew a single consumer electronics store to four as Vice President and General Manager. His B.S. is in mathematics with minors in physics and marketing. Later, he earned an Executive MBA from Georgia State University.

Elaine G. Spencer, BS

Secretary / Treasurer

Ms. Spencer brings over 30 years of Business Administration expertise to GeckoSystems, Inc. Ms. Spencer is responsible for managing the daily operations of the company. This includes corporate communications, assisting with facilities management, and maintaining all corporate records.

Prior to joining GeckoSystems, Ms. Spencer's career includes 15 years of responsible administrative positions with California State University - Northridge and Southwestern University. Prior to that she was in the airline industry working with companies such as Delta Air Lines and Pratt and Whitney Aircraft. Ms. Spencer has a B.S. in Psychology from Georgia State University with a minor in Management.