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Investors: Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

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How does the Collision Proof wheelchair use technology developed
for the CareBot?

The primary BaseBot technologies of GeckoNav, GeckoSuper, GeckoImager and GeckoMotorController are each recalibrated for the Collision Proof wheelchair by adjusting them to the physical size, weight, and drive motor differences between the two applications. The depth cameras used by GeckoImager will also be relocated for use in wheelchair applications.

GeckoSteer is a new technology solution that was developed as an interface between the user and the chair's other systems that can compensate for the variations in the ability of the user to control a power wheel chair.

Can the CareBot sense smoke or carbon monoxide and warn the
person they are watching?

GeckoSPIO can have many different sensors connected to it and the GeckoSuper can be programmed to respond appropriately to detected smoke, carbon monoxide, and any other chemicals as needed. A CareBot will use this information to warn anyone in the vicinity while simultaneously calling 911.