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GeckoSystems, an AI Robotics Co., Expands Japanese Licensing Discussions

Trip to Japan next month for signing


CONYERS, GA - (April 21, 2016) - GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (OTC: GOSY) announced that additional licensing agreements will be negotiated while the CEO is in Japan late next month. For over eighteen years GeckoSystems has dedicated itself to development of "AI Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service(tm)."


Initially this trip was scheduled for March, but due to an unfortunate accident, their long time Japanese representative was incapacitated. Concurrently, IC-Japan secured a three times larger facility to better support the joint venture, but the relocation of their office and laboratories also delayed the previously scheduled March meetings. GeckoSystems' CEO was invited by the CEO of this prominent Japanese robotics company, IC-Corp., to meet for the purpose of signing a licensing agreement.


"During these unforeseen delays, due to the continued hard work of two of our Japanese representatives, Mssrs. Fujii Katsuji and Tsunenori Kato, CEO, Ifoo Company Limited, we have again achieved demonstrable progress securing viable licensing agreements in Japan. This latest, one of several being negotiated, is particularly significant due to the breadth, depth and heritage of this nearly 100 year old Japanese trading company," stated Martin Spencer, CEO, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.


Mr. Katsuji identified and contacted IC-Japan while looking for technologists with the appropriate education, skills and experience to assist Fubright Communications, Ltd. and the company in migrating its automatic self-navigation mobile robot software, GeckoNav(tm), to SoftBank Robotics' Pepper robot such that it would have cost effective, utilitarian mobility and be less of a novelty and more practical in its benefits and value proposition.


At this time, there are approximately 2,200,000 million Japanese over 65 living alone. Their greatest fear is to die alone and that their demise not be known to others for a few days. For this reason and many others, the Japanese government pays 90% of the cost of personal robots used for eldercare such that concern would be well addressed. Further, the Japanese government is paying 75% of the R&D costs to develop robotic healthcare solutions for greater productivity to provide more economic care giving for their extraordinarily large senior population.


This new partner is unsure of the mass appeal of the Pepper robot with its present value proposition and wishes to investigate other, proximate market opportunities. They believe there is a significant, near term market in Japan for eldercare robots and want to explore all scenarios including, but not limited to, the Pepper robot as stated by Mr. Nebeta:


"We are very much looking forward to meet with Mr. Spencer and discuss the large Japanese market for 'welfare robots,'" stated Mr. Takashi Nebeta, CEO, IC-Japan.


The company has already begun the technology transfer of its proprietary AI mobile robot tech with the GeckoMotorController(tm) (GMC). (The company's seventh generation GMC uses a proprietary self-adaptive constant energy paradigm to achieve extraordinarily smooth acceleration and deceleration of the company's mobile service robots. A jerky and/or seeming unpredictable moving robot can be both distracting and disturbing for people or animals that observe or interact with them.)


Late last year, GeckoSystems had their white paper on Worst Case Execution (reflex or reaction) Time sufficient for mobile service robots' safe usage proximate to humans, translated into Japanese. Mssrs. Katsuji and Kato have been presenting that seminal discussion to many Japanese companies with very favorable responses from now two different companies.


That paper explains the importance of GeckoSystems' breakthrough, proprietary, and exclusive AI software and why this top Japanese robotics company, and now a Japanese trading company, desire to license GeckoSystems' AI mobile robot solutions. Due to the sophistication, experience and stature of this premier robotics company and trading company, they are no doubt cognizant that the Japanese government is funding eldercare specific robotics R&D with grants at the rate of 75%. Further, Japan's national health insurance pays 90% of the monthly cost of eldercare capable companion robots such as the Pepper from SoftBank Robotics, or a CareBot(tm) adapted to the Japanese marketplace.


"Through these new agreements, we will enjoy additional licensing revenues that will enable us to further increase shareholder value," concluded Spencer.



More about GeckoSystems' proprietary SafePath AI technologies:


Due to the quickness of GeckoSystems' WCET, nearly all forms of all vehicles can achieve the ability to real time sense and avoid of moving, and/or unforeseen (unmapped) obstacles. Those organizations and firms that do not have videos portraying that their robotic vehicles’ (drones, driverless cars, self driving cars, etc.) abilities to timely sense and avoid moving obstacles, simply cannot do so, as GeckoSystems can:


All mobile robotic vehicles are therefore unsafe for human usage unless the AI "driver" is jet fighter pilot reflex quick and not "drugged, distracted, or lacking good enough vision" to be allowed to drive in public, people congested areas.


As a result of GeckoSystems worldwide preeminence in this essential WCET parameter, for several years running now, GeckoSystems has been identified many times as one of the top five to top ten mobile service robot companies in the world.  Several internationally renowned market research firms, such as Research and Markets, have named GeckoSystems as one of the key market players in the mobile robotics industry.



Recent third party market research:


Service Robotics Market (Professional and Personal), by Application (Defense, Agriculture, Medical, Domestic & Entertainment), & by Geography - Analysis Forecast (2014 - 2020)


Robotic systems are looked at as the future assistants that are designed to help people to do what they want to do in a natural and spontaneous manner. Moreover, with the emergence of ubiquitous computing and communication environments, robots will be able to call upon an unlimited knowledge base and coordinate their activities with other devices and systems. Additionally, the growing spread of ubiquitous computing will lead to robot technologies being embedded into ubiquitous ICT networks to become human agents of physical actions, enhancing and extending the physical capabilities and senses.


The report focuses on giving a detailed view of the complete service robotics industry with regards to the professional and personal applications as well as the geography market. Apart from the market segmentation, the report also includes the critical market data and qualitative information for each product type along with the qualitative analysis; such as Porter’s Five Force analysis, market time-line analysis, industry breakdown analysis, and value chain analysis. The global service robotics market is estimated to reach up to $19.41 billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 21.5% from 2014 to 2020.


Global Service Robot Market 2014-2018: Key Vendors are GeckoSystem, Honda Motor, iRobot and Toyota Motor


Worldwide Service Robot Market 2018 Analysis & Forecasts Report

The report recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Global Service Robot Market: GeckoSystems Intl. Corp., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., iRobot Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp.


From Forbes:

Investors Take Note, The Next Big Thing Will Be Robots


BusinessInsider makes some key points:


*      The multibillion-dollar global market for robotics, long dominated by industrial and logistics uses, has begun to see a shift toward new consumer and office applications.   There will be a $1.5 billion market for consumer and business robots by 2019.


*      The market for consumer and office robots will grow at a CAGR of 17% between 2014 and 2019, seven times faster than the market for manufacturing robots.


Note: 's forecasts do not include pent up demand for family care social robots anywhere in the world.



About GeckoSystems:


GeckoSystems has been developing innovative robotic technologies for over eighteen years.  It is CEO Martin Spencer's dream to make people's lives better through robotic technology.


An overview of GeckoSystems' progress containing over 700 pictures and 120 videos can be found at


These videos illustrate the development of the technology that makes GeckoSystems a world leader in Service Robotics development. Early CareBot prototypes were slower and frequently pivoted in order to avoid a static or dynamic obstacle; later prototypes avoided obstacles without pivoting.   Current CareBots avoid obstacles with a graceful “bicycle smooth” motion.   The latest videos also depict the CareBot's ability to automatically go faster or slower depending on the amount of clutter (number of obstacles) within its field of view.   This is especially important when avoiding moving obstacles in “loose crowd “ situations like a mall or an exhibit area.


In addition to the timeline videos, GeckoSystems has numerous YouTube videos. The most popular of which are the ones showing room-to-room automatic self-navigation of the CareBot through narrow doorways and a hallway of an old 1954 home.  You will see the CareBot slow down when going through the doorways because of their narrow width and then speed up as it goes across the relatively open kitchen area.  There are also videos of the SafePath(tm) wheelchair, which is a migration of the CareBot AI centric navigation system to a standard power wheelchair, and recently developed cost effective depth cameras were used in this recent configuration.  SafePath navigation is now available to OEM licensees and these videos show the versatility of GeckoSystems' fully autonomous navigation solution. 


GeckoSystems, Star Wars Technology


The company has successfully completed an Alpha trial of its CareBot personal assistance robot for the elderly.  It was tested in a home care setting and received enthusiastic support from both caregivers and care receivers.   The company believes that the CareBot will increase the safety and well being of its elderly charges while decreasing stress on the caregiver and the family.


CareBot has incorporated Microsoft Kinect depth cameras that result in a significant cost reduction.

Kinect Enabled Personal Robot video


Above, the CareBot demonstrates static and dynamic obstacle avoidance as it backs in and out of a narrow and cluttered alley.  There is no joystick control or programmed path; movements are smoother that those achieved using a joystick control.  GeckoNav creates three low levels of obstacle avoidance: reactive, proactive, and contemplative.  Subsumptive AI behavior within GeckoNav enables the CareBot to reach its target destination after engaging in obstacle avoidance.


More information on the CareBot personal assistance robot:


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