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GeckoSystems, an AI Mobile Robot Co., Responding to Major Defense Contractor's Interest in Self-Driving Vehicle Upgrade

CONYERS, Ga., September 10, 2015 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (Pink Sheets: GOSY | announced today that they are preparing a formal proposal for a major international US defense contractor to upgrade their land vehicle with GeckoSystems' proprietary AI SafePath(tm) technologies. This first meeting with the defense contractor later this month at their advanced product development facility is to enable a first hand review of the vehicle to ascertain upgrade extent and feasibility. For over eighteen years GeckoSystems has dedicated itself to development of "AI Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service(tm)."

To enable this meeting a Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA), prepared by the defense contractor's legal personnel specifically for this meeting, has been agreed to by all parties.

"Due to our long time focus on the penultimate necessity for AI mobile robots to be safer for humans than simply having 'human meaningful control,' prior to this engagement, we have never considered any US defense contractor to be sufficiently safety conscious for us to offer them our proprietary, exclusive, readily lethalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobile robot technologies.  The concern is that the technologies might be used without adequate safeguards to prevent human harm. After careful and thorough vetting of this company and its management, we consider them trustworthy. Their Program Manager indicated during our initial phone call that we should submit a proposal to augment their vehicle for battle theater usage using our AI centric real time sense and avoid of moving and/or unforeseen obstacles, sensor fusion, and other AI mobile robotics solutions," stated Martin Spencer, CEO, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.

The defense contractor is amongst the five largest in the world producing manned and unmanned vehicles for air, land, and space. Due to the now executed PIA, the name of the contractor cannot be revealed at this time.

In order to understand the importance of GeckoSystems' breakthrough, proprietary, and exclusive AI software and why this top five defense contractor probably desires a proposal from GeckoSystems, it’s key to acknowledge some basic realities for all forms of automatic, non-human intervention, vehicular locomotion and steering.

  1. Laws of Physics such as Conservation of Energy, inertia, and momentum, limit a vehicle’s ability to stop or maneuver. If, for instance, a car’s braking system design cannot generate enough friction for a given road surface to stop the car in 100 feet after brake application, that’s a real limitation.  If a car cannot corner at more than .9g due to a combination of suspension design and road conditions, that, also, is reality. Regardless how talented a NASCAR driver may be, if his race car is inadequate, he’s not going to win races.

  2.  At the same time, if a car driver (or pilot) is tired, drugged, distracted, etc. their reflex time becomes too slow to react in a timely fashion to unexpected direction changes of moving obstacles, or the sudden appearance of fixed obstacles. Many car "accidents" result from drunk driving due to reflex time and/or judgment impairment. Average reflex time takes between 150 & 300ms.

  3. In robotic systems, "human reflex time" is known as Worst Case Execution Time (WCET). Historically, in computer systems engineering, WCET of a computational task is the maximum length of time the task could take to execute on a specific hardware platform. In big data, this is the time to load up the data to be processed, processed, and then outputted into a useful distillations, summaries, or common sense insights.  GeckoSystems' basic AI self-guidance navigation system processes 147 megabytes of data per second using low cost, commercial off the shelf (COTS) single board computers (SBC"s).

  4. Highly trained and skilled jet fighter pilots have a reflex time (WCET) of less than 120ms. Their "eye to hand" coordination time is a fundamental criterion for them to be successful jet fighter pilots.  The same holds true for all high performance forms of transportation that are sufficiently pushing the limits of the Laws of Physics to require the quickest possible reaction time for safe human control and/or usage.

  5. GeckoSystems' WCET is less than 100ms, or as quick, or quicker than most gifted jet fighter pilots, NASCAR race car drivers, etc. while using low cost COTS and SBC's

  6. In mobile robotic guidance systems, WCET has 3 fundamental components.
    1. Sufficient Field Of View (FOV) with appropriate granularity, accuracy, and update rate.
    2. Rapid processing of that contextual data such that common sense responses are generated.
    3. Timely physical execution of those common sense responses.

"We believe that this first tier defense contractor would enjoy dramatically increased sales since their upgraded product would be in extremely high demand by governments all over the world with an automatic 'go home' capability like a pioneer medical doctor's horse taking him home 'automatically' after he delivered a baby late at night for a rural farm wife. For example, none of the wounded soldiers on board would have to guide GeckoSystems' AI augmented ground vehicle to safe refuge, nor would any outside human intervention be needed. We have that technological framework and motivation to do so.

"Due to the preeminent position of this international US defense contractor, it is very satisfying to make this announcement and provide 'reason to believe' for the basis of their sincere and genuine interest in securing some of our AI mobile robot solutions for their present and future products. And we continue to make progress in Japan establishing the joint venture with Fubright for a Special Project Team to migrate our AI robot self navigation software to SoftBank's Pepper personal robot.  More news about that will be forthcoming. Our shareholders can be assured that management continues to work daily to maximize their investments in GeckoSystems," concluded Spencer.

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