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GeckoSystems CEO Updates Stockholders on
December Meetings with Japanese Robotics Companies

CONYERS, Ga., January 8, 2015 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (Pink Sheets: GOSY | announced today that their CEO, Martin Spencer, met with senior management of several Japanese companies last month that resulted in definitive progress. For over seventeen years GeckoSystems has dedicated itself to development of "AI Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service."

"While this whirlwind tour was an extremely tiring trip with a full agenda, it was a very productive one, taking us one step closer to important collaborations with several established Japanese robotics companies. Due to a confluence of several 'sea change' events in hardware cost reduction and the rapid expansion of the emerging trillion dollar service robotics industry in Asia, it was time for me to meet personally with several of the Japanese companies that we have had ongoing discussions with for several years. Our BaseBot prototype has been available to these companies for over a year now, but with NDAs in place I was able to shed new light on the magic of SafePath navigation and our AI architecture. I was greeted with genuine hospitality and interest and I look forward to solidifying our relationship with some, if not all of these partners in the new year," commented Martin Spencer, CEO, GeckoSystems International Corporation.

For several years, GeckoSystems has had Japanese representation in the Pacific Rim due to the capable assistance of Mr. Hajime Yasumatsu and his associate, Mr. Katsuji Fujii. Due to their hard work in the last 3-4 years, numerous discussions have been initiated and are ongoing. "Lou," one of the company's BaseBot prototypes, has successfully demonstrated its "loose crowd" level of mobile robot autonomy to ZMP and iXs and they have graciously presented it to other interested parties.

The confluence of factors referred to by CEO Spencer include:

- - A 36% increase in the dollar's purchasing power in Japan since January of 2013. The cost of manufacturing in Japan has now fallen dramatically. The Yen is expected to continue to weaken against the dollar and this will benefit many US businesses, including GeckoSystems.

- - In the last year Intel introduced a new low power x86 single board computer (SBC), the "Edison" that retails for $50 each. It was designed expressly for the mobile market, the "Internet of Things," (IoT). Previously, the equivalent x86 SBC system was over $200 per system. That new reality enables a direct cost of manufacturing reduction for all the computer systems on GeckoSystems' CareBot of over 60%. The company expects their fifth generation CareBot, now in development, to have an MSRP of less than $5,000.

- - Increased interest by Japanese car manufacturers in AI navigation for the automobile.

- - Continued pressure on Japanese businesses to improve and reduce the cost of caring for the Japanese elderly population with the assistance of personal service robots.

The company's meetings, summarized:

Mr. Spencer met with Mr. Fuminori Yamasaki, President/CEO of iXs Research Corp., two different times while he was in Japan.  Presently iXs is providing "inspection robots" for use in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station cleanup.   Mr. Spencer and Mr. Yamasaki found common ground in their concern that mobile robots must operate in complete safety; it was agreed that building safety into mobile service robots was an unambiguous primary goal.

Sensor fusion and GeckoSystems' ability to migrate their software to new applications and use it to cost reduce an existing product while improving robotic system reliability was the primary subject of Mr. Spencer's discussion with NextCare's President, Mr. Hidetsufu Suzuki, and their CEO, Mr. Mitshiro Ogata.  They have developed a robotic diapering system to give bedridden patients greater comfort and dignity while diminishing caregiver stress and workload.  Japanese health insurance is expected to pay for this important healthcare appliance.

Intel's new Edison SBC particularly entranced Mr. Tsunenori Kato, President, iFoo Company Limited.   Mr. Spencer kept one of the small matchbook size SBC's in his pocket during the trip.   Mr. Kato immediately grasped the economic impact of Intel's new low cost Edison SBC on the commercial viability of robotic applications in mass production.

At a dinner meeting with ZMP's General Manager, Mr. Akihiro Nishimura, he and Mr. Spencer discussed OEM marketing strategies and how GeckoSystems might assist ZMP in achieving "channel captain" stature in the Japanese market.   ZMP is intimately involved in supporting Toyota's driverless car R&D effort.

Mr. Spencer's one open time spot was filled when Nissan requested that he meet with three master roboticists at their Advanced Technology Center in Atsugi-shi.   These scientists are responsible for Nissan's driverless car R&D effort in Japan and Mr. Spencer discussed how computer vision is sensor fused with GeckoSystems' navigation system.

Last, but not least, Mr. Spencer got to witness Softbank's aggressive penetration of the Japanese retail market with their personal robot, "Pepper" at Softbank's flag ship store in the Ginza shopping area of Tokyo.  At a meeting with Softbank's primary software roboticist, there was a personal demonstration of Pepper for Mr. Spencer. Upon learning of GeckoSystems' interest in migrating some of their AI mobile robot solutions to Pepper, Mr. Spencer was given a copy of Softbank's 4 gigabyte software development kit (SDK) containing hardware and software specifications (including source code) so they might evaluate potential enhancements and cost reduction for Pepper under advanced AI software control.

"While such an intense schedule during the holidays was difficult personally, I think the timing was ideal.   I was able to achieve so much in a short period of time due to the excellent planning of Mr. Yasumatsu and Mr. Fuji.  I believe the meetings that resulted will create some strong alliances and have far-reaching, strategic benefits.

"In the last year or so we have kept our 1300+ stockholders updated via LinkedIn, Twitter, and during a period of 'No Information' per the OTC.   The SEC considers regular updates in these alternate forums a legal dissemination of public information and we will continue to keep shareholders informed in that manner.   However, we do plan to move to 'Limited Information' status in the near term.  We are continuing our commitment to marketing and licensing our AI software solutions in the U.S. and abroad in order to limit dilution of our stock and maximize shareholder value," concluded Spencer.

About GeckoSystems:

GeckoSystems has been developing innovative artificial intelligence robotic technologies for over seventeen years.   It is CEO Martin Spencer's dream to make people's lives better through robotic systems technology.

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