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GeckoSystems Receives Independent, Third Party
Mobile Robot Evaluation Results

CONYERS, Ga., September 27, 2012 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (Pink Sheets: GOSY | announced today their growing collaboration with ZMP, a premier Japanese mobile robot company, continues after a satisfactory evaluation by ZMP of GeckoSystems' SafePath software on one of their BaseBots. The results of this third party validation were positive, making it an important step in solidifying this international partnership. For fifteen years GeckoSystems has dedicated itself to development of Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service.

This joint press release (below) was distributed by ZMP on September 24, 2012:

Business collaboration between ZMP and GeckoSystems: Report No. 2

This will involve technology exchange and joint marketing of autonomous mobile robots and next generation mobility. We have successfully completed our technical evaluation of GeckoSystems' autonomous mobile robot.

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hisashi Taniguchi, ZMP) and GeckoSystems International Corporation (Georgia, CEO: Martin Spencer, GSIC) announce that ZMP has successfully finished the technical evaluation of GSIC's basic technology robot platform "BaseBot" (nicknamed "Lou").

In our first press release, ZMP and GSIC announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding concerning technical exchange and joint marketing efforts in Japan, the United States and internationally. We are now moving forward to negotiation of project collaborations. The first phase of the collaboration was ZMP's technical evaluation of GSIC's basic technology platform the "BaseBot." BaseBot is a wheeled robot platform about 100cm in height that uses Kinect-type depth cameras as external sensors. The BaseBot is equipped with the basic hardware and software required to operate an autonomous mobile robot. The software of the BaseBot was high quality and had a fully developed configuration interface required to apply this technology to autonomous mobile service robots. GSIC's line includes its flagship model, the "CareBot" that uses the sophisticated navigation of the BaseBot and a more advanced user interface. Since the CareBot is mainly used for assisted living for the elderly, which is a promising market in Japan, ZMP intends to actively promote these products. The goal of both companies is to develop mobile service robot technologies and products that will enable people around the world to live a more independent, safe, and comfortable life.

Here is ZMP's PR in Japanese:

In April GeckoSystems shipped their BaseBot, "Lou", to ZMP for this critical, independent third party evaluation. As was expected, the international shipment took time due to the necessary paperwork for the robot to clear customs and finally reach the offices of ZMP. Once the robot was unpacked, ZMP assigned a multi-lingual engineer to learn how GeckoSystems SafePath software operated using the BaseBot. This engineer communicated regularly with Mr. Spencer, GeckoSystems' CEO, and Hajime Yasumatsu, GeckoSystems' US representative. Through those communications, instructions were given and minor adjustments were made. All parties were pleased when "Lou" was able to demonstrate the company's automatic self- navigating software flawlessly, just as the company had been able to do in their own R&D laboratory and in public venues in the US.

In October, 2011, Mr. Hajime Yasumatsu, Chairman, Yasu, Inc. secured a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between GeckoSystems and ZMP:

Shortly thereafter, in December, 2011, a formal partnership with ZMP was announced:

In March of this year, ZMP received the first "technology transfer" from GeckoSystems:

In April, a BaseBot, nicknamed "Lou," was shipped to ZMP:

Detailed Information on the BaseBot:

"ZMP's association with Hirayama & Company Patent, Design & Trademark Attorneys will help us to bring our mobile robot solutions to market in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining full ownership of all related Intellectual Property. Our Asian business development consultant, Mr. Hajime Yasumatsu, has been key in securing this breakthrough relationship with ZMP of Japan.

"I am very pleased with this positive third party evaluation from ZMP that they conducted in their private R&D lab. We have been searching for a strategic partner who is reliable, competent, and who would respect and honor our ownership of our numerous intellectual properties that comprise our mobile robot solutions. We now have further, indisputable evidence for our belief we have found that partner in ZMP.

"The development of our proprietary software has taken a long time and I would like to thank all those who contributed in this significant achievement. I would also like to thank our loyal stockholders who have stood with us during this R&D phase. I believe GeckoSystems is about to enter a new era of being a profitable Emerging Growth company," concluded Spencer.

About ZMP:

ZMP has an outstanding record of innovation and co-operation within the robotics community. ZMP was born out of the Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, which was sponsored by the Japanese government to push technology forward. ZMP collaborates regularly with Japanese Universities and Technological Institutions and provides robotic teaching tools

In 2008 ZMP began a collaborative effort with three other Japanese companies, Business Design Laboratory (BDL) Nagoya, Vstone Co. of Osaka and Tmsuk of Fukuoka. The purpose of this group effort was to improve the competitive position of Japanese robotics in the face of the Korean government's strong government support of the robotics industry. These four Japanese companies joined together for cooperative research, development and marketing of next generation robotic applications for home and consumer use.

ZMP Inc. Co., Ltd.:
Head Office: Koishikawa, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo / CEO: Hisashi Taniguchi

Our vision is to be a company contributing to safety environment and power-saving for next generation mobility. Based on robot developments and sales of 4,200 units over 10 years, we target the following five projects, "Platform for the development of next-generation vehicles," "Robot motion control technology license," "Sensors and image recognition solutions, " "Lithium-ion battery system, " and "Research and educational robot for universities and companies." Our company was founded in Jan 2001, for a technology transfer by Japan Science and Technology Agency in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We received numerous awards, "Practical use of technology award" by Japan Robotics Society, "Grand Prize (Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Award), SME Venture Prize (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General Award), Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Award" by Ministry of economy, trade and industry. We will continue to create innovative products using robotic technology and services.

*RoboCar is a trademark of ZMP Inc.

GeckoSystems is proud to update its thousands of stakeholders as to their ongoing collaboration with ZMP and has prepared an overview of the company for the U.S. investment community on their website. This page of introduction has been reviewed and authorized by ZMP management in Japan.

About GeckoSystems:

GeckoSystems has been developing innovative robotic technologies for fifteen years. It is CEO Martin Spencer's dream to make people's lives better through robotic technology.

An overview of GeckoSystems' progress and accomplishments containing over 700 pictures and 120 videos can be found at

These videos illustrate the development of the technology that makes GeckoSystems a world leader in Service Robotics development. Early CareBot prototypes were slower and frequently pivoted in order to avoid a static or dynamic obstacle; later prototypes avoided obstacles without pivoting. Current CareBots avoid obstacles with a graceful "bicycle smooth" motion. The latest videos also depict the CareBot's ability to automatically go faster or slower depending on the amount of clutter (number of obstacles) within its field of view. This is especially important when avoiding moving obstacles in "loose crowd " situations like a mall or an exhibit area.

In addition to the timeline videos, GeckoSystems has numerous YouTube videos. The most popular of which are the ones showing room-to-room automatic self-navigation of the CareBot through narrow doorways and a hallway of an old 1954 home. You will see the CareBot slow down when going through the doorways because of their narrow width and then speed up as it goes across the relatively open kitchen area. There are also videos of the SafePath(tm) wheelchair, which is a migration of the CareBot AI centric navigation system to a standard power wheelchair, and recently developed cost effective depth cameras were used in this recent configuration. SafePath(tm) navigation is now available to OEM licensees and these videos show the versatility of GeckoSystems' fully autonomous navigation solution.

YouTube:GeckoSystems, Star Wars Technology

The company has successfully completed an Alpha trial of its CareBot personal assistance robot for the elderly. It was tested in a home care setting and received enthusiastic support from both caregivers and care receivers. The company believes that the CareBot will increase the safety and well being of its elderly charges while decreasing stress on the caregiver and the family.

Gecko Systems is preparing for Beta testing of the CareBot prior to full-scale production and marketing. CareBot has recently incorporated Microsoft Kinect depth cameras that will result in a significant cost reduction.

YouTube: Kinect Enabled Personal Robot video:

Above, the CareBot demonstrates static and dynamic obstacle avoidance as it backs in and out of a narrow and cluttered alley. There is no joystick control or programmed path; movements are smoother that those achieved using a joystick control. GeckoNav creates three low levels of obstacle avoidance: reactive, proactive, and contemplative. Subsumptive AI behavior within GeckoNav enables the CareBot to reach its target destination after engaging in obstacle avoidance.

Link to More information on the CareBot personal assistance robot:

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