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"Mobile Robots Are in Our Future"

CONYERS, Ga., August 30, 2012 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (Pink Sheets: GOSY) is gratified by a recent article by that covers the history of the company and the development process behind their personal companion robot, the CareBot, and their SafePath navigation system. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry, revolutionizing the development and usage of "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service."

GeckoSystems CEO Martin Spencer comments on the article: "I enjoyed going back and reflecting on the how the technology began with critical insights from our founding members and developed through the years. Global problems such as the "silver (or gray) tsunami" being discussed by social scientists and the need for personal assistance and health care robots to reduce the cost of health care are issues that we have focused on since the company began."

Here are some selected excepts from the article:

"We started with three computer scientists, one mechanical engineer, one computer engineer and one electrical engineer," explained founder Martin Spencer. "We met on the Internet as robot buffs located throughout the United States with over 70 years of combined experience in building robots. We believed that together we might be able to do what none of us could do individually, build a practical mobile robot.' By June 1997, they had incorporated GeckoSystems in Texas. The company moved to Georgia in 2001."

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The demands that the elderly will place on the health care system and the numbers of people requiring nursing care may become a heavy financial burden on the younger population as a whole. The stress associated with taking care of elderly relatives could cause mental health problems and financial hardship in care taking families.

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The different software and technologies that operate a GeckoSystem's robot include GeckoNav, GeckoScheduler, GeckoTrak, GeckoChat, GeckoSPIO, GeckoOrient, GeckoImager, GeckoMotorController, and GeckoSuper. The suite of navigation technologies are being marketed independently of the mobile service robots and are being branded SafePath navigation systems. SafePath can be used on both robotic systems and standard locomotion systems."

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"I think the article will be of interest to both current and prospective investors. GeckoSystems has viable proprietary technology and the rapidly decreasing cost of hardware systems will bring that technology to the retail market before too long. We continue to expect licensing revenues prior to product sales to enable our 1300+ stockholders the ROI they deserve, sooner," summarized Spencer.

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About GeckoSystems:

GeckoSystems has been developing innovative robotic technology for fifteen years. It is CEO Martin Spencer's dream to make people's lives better through robotic technology.

GeckoSystems, Star Wars Technology

The company has successfully completed an Alpha trial of its CareBot personal assistance robot for the elderly. It was tested in a home care setting and received enthusiastic support from both caregivers and care receivers. The company believes that the CareBot will increase the safety and well being of its elderly charges while decreasing stress on the caregiver and the family.

Gecko Systems is preparing for Beta testing of the CareBot prior to full-scale production and marketing. CareBot has recently incorporated Microsoft Kinect depth cameras that will result in a significant cost reduction.

Kinect Enabled Personal Robot video:

Above, the CareBot demonstrates static and dynamic obstacle avoidance as it backs in and out of a narrow and cluttered alley. There is no joystick control or programmed path; movements are smoother that those achieved using a joystick control. GeckoNav creates three low levels of obstacle avoidance: reactive, proactive, and contemplative. Subsumptive AI behavior within GeckoNav enables the CareBot to reach its target destination after engaging in obstacle avoidance.

More information on the CareBot personal assistance robot: )

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