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GeckoSystems Expands, Migrates Mobile Robot Solutions to Wheelchairs

CONYERS, GA -- October 6,2011 -- GeckoSystems International Corporation (Pink Sheets: GOSY | announced today that due to its development of a collision proof upgrade kit for wheelchairs, it has recently developed new software to more efficiently enable that process to platforms not of GeckoSystems' design. They are: GeckoSteer™, GeckoVerify™, and GeckoConfigEd™. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot industry, revolutionizing its development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™."

Beginning this past April with the receipt of a power wheelchair from Japan's oldest wheelchair manufacturer, Imasen Engineering Corp., GeckoSystems has been migrating some of its mobile robot solutions in order to collision proof power wheelchairs, typically under joystick control. GeckoSteer was invented to interpret digital signals from a standard joystick to efficiently communicate with GeckoNav. This places obstacle avoidance AI software between the user and the wheelchair drive system.

GeckoVerify™ was developed to ease and facilitate the debugging of the multiple AI software savant communications in achieving their loose crowd level of mobile robot autonomy on a mobile platform not initially designed for autonomous mobile robot usage.

One of GeckoSystems' fundamental mobile robot solutions, the automatic self-navigation AI software GeckoNav, has nearly a hundred parameters that can readily be adjusted for different mobile platforms using the new GeckoConfigEd. The metaphor for this adaptation would be the tuning of generic four-barrel carburetors to different automotive engines with appropriate primary jets, accelerator pump sizes, etc. for that specific engine's configuration and performance requirements.

GeckoSystems' new GeckoImager™ uses structured light machine vision ("depth camera") data from the Kinect subsystem. This provides its automatic, self-navigation AI software, GeckoNav, with sufficient and timely data to achieve actionable situation awareness resulting in a very safe, loose crowd level of mobile robot autonomy that is "collision proof."

GeckoSystems has several breakthrough technologies -- not just the GeckoImager™ -- in concert with the Kinect™, and all the other necessary mobile robot solutions, such as its GeckoSavants™, to have a complete, cost effective and multifunctional product. Due to the robustness of GeckoSystems' biological hierarchal architecture, GeckoNav™, being "sensor loving," and the recent invention of GeckoImager™, the company has strengthened its "first mover" position in this emerging trillion-dollar industry.

GeckoSystems' successful adaptation of Microsoft's Kinect™ with the GeckoImager™ enables more markets to be addressed in addition to wheelchairs, such as retailers. The strategic business need addressed by GeckoSystems' AscBot™ is to enhance the in store shopper's experience to strategically position the retailer as better, different than its competitors. This will enable it to enjoy margins greater than its competitors while maintaining desired market share. This type of strategic marketing positioning is necessary to increase gross sales while reducing overall operational costs to increase net profits. Simultaneously, while increasing sales with in store assistance and product promotions, the AscBot's™ mobile and intelligent video surveillance systems would dramatically reduce shrinkage due to internal and external theft. Simply stated, GeckoSystems' AscBot™ would "inform and observe™" in retail stores.

The development of the AscBot™ will make extensive use of existing GeckoSystems technologies originally developed for the CareBot™. While the AscBot™ will require a superset of the existing GeckoSystems capabilities, the additional functions required by the AscBot™ are currently available in off-the-shelf products that can be easily integrated into the existing GeckoSavant™ architecture.

GeckoSystems' successful adaptation of Microsoft's Kinect™ with the GeckoImager enables more markets to be addressed in addition to retail stores, such as healthcare cost reduction with the newly announced ChairBot™.

GeckoSystems has been developing eldercare capable personal robots, the CareBot™, for over 14 years. Recently it completed its first year of in home trials with many insightful and unexpected benefits to not only the care receiver, but also the extended caregiving family.  Given this experience, it believes that an eldercare capable robotic wheelchair upgrade could cost effectively assist those infirm family members that are not typically able to walk about freely, needing routine vital sign monitoring and immediate notification of appropriate care givers when vital sign limits are triggered.  This group represents family members requiring nearly constant monitoring.

This robotic wheelchair, or ChairBot™, would consist of a wheelchair equipped with several artificial intelligence systems (GeckoSavants) developed for the CareBot™.  In concert these systems enable the occupant of the chair to benefit from automatic collision avoidance and room-to-room transitions.  GeckoChat™ would provide verbal interaction for control of the wheelchair and annunciate medication and other timely reminders.  The GeckoScheduler™ would time and commence the prompting of the various reminders for medication and/or vital sign measurements such as blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar and/or oxygenation level, EKG monitoring, etc. mounted on the wheelchair.  The GeckoSuper™ would be programmed by the caregivers such that appropriate alarms would trigger should any pre-set vital sign parameters be exceeded and pre-designated parties promptly notified by pager, email, and/or cell phone.  In nursing homes or assisted living facilities each ChairBot™ would be wirelessly networked into the residence's IS system for continuous monitoring of each individual's vital signs as they went about their daily routines.

While the cost of the ChairBot™ would be greater than that of a CareBot™, the cost benefit ratio would be even more extraordinary since semi-professional and professional care givers would no longer be required to be in near constant physical proximity of the care receiver.  Hence one caregiver could provide complete monitoring of multiple patients and yet be immediately notified if any of their vital signs exceeded pre-established bounds.

"We are very pleased with the hard work and long hours invested by our team of engineers and programmers these past few months at achieving this enhanced value proposition to our consumer, professional healthcare, and commercial security marketplaces.  We continue to expect technology-licensing revenues to precede revenues from product manufacturing and sales and have two to three prospective licensees in active discussions.  This augurs well for increased ROI and shareholder value for our 1300+ investors," stated Martin Spencer, president/CEO, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.

Kinect™ is a registerd trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

About Yasu Incorporated: ( Hajime Yasumatsu, Chairman) Yasu Incorporated provides professional services to businesses including development support, networking events, market intelligence and access to bilingual Japanese businesses and English to Japanese translation of sales and technical information.

Yasu Incorporated is a U.S. corporation domiciled in Missouri with associates in Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan.

About GeckoSystems: GeckoSystems been developing innovative robotic technology for over fourteen years. It is CEO Martin Spencer's dream to make people's lives better through robotic technology.

Although the company's primary focus has been an elder care robot that will keep an eye on aging parents in a home care setting, the company is marketing the artificial intelligence (AI) software technology developed for this project internationally. The company believes many devices in use today can be improved through the use its AI navigation software

GeckoSystems stock is quoted in the U.S. over-the-counter (OTC) markets, on the Pink OTC Current Information tier, under the ticker symbol GOSY.

YouTube: Kinect Enabled Personal Robot video

The CareBot™ demonstrates static and dynamic obstacle avoidance and backs in and out of a narrow alley . There is no joystick control or programmed path, movements are smoother that those achieved using a joystick control. AI creates three low levels of obstacle avoidance: reactive, proactive, and contemplative. Subsumptive AI behavior enables the CareBot to reach its target destination after engagning in obstacle avoidance.

YouTube: One CareBot™, One Family

YouTube: Mobile Robot Navigates Dining Room & Kitchen

The videos above are from GeckoSystems elder care trials. The CareBot™ has been tested in homes and received enthusiastic support from both care givers and care receivers.

Main number: 1-866-CAREBOT (227-3268)
International: +1 678-413-9236
Fax: +1 678-413-9247

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