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GeckoSystems Demos Mobile Robot for International Marketers

CONYERS, Ga., June 16, 2011 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp, a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service(TM)," (Pink Sheets: GOSY) ( revealed today their recent meeting with the senior management of the Japanese trade organization, ALTA America Corp.

This high level, international marketing meeting was with ALTA officers Mssrs. Hirokatsu Hibino, CEO; Kazuo Yamashita, COO; and Katsuji (Ken) Fujii, VP; was arranged by GeckoSystems' primary Japanese business development representative, Mr. Hajime Yasumatsu, Chairman of Yasu, Inc. The meeting was held at one of the downtown Marriott conference centers in Atlanta, GA. Several videos of this public demonstration of the CareBot(TM) are available on GeckoSystems' website ( ). One may note that a person using a joystick could not do so as smoothly as GeckoNav(TM) is in guiding the CareBot in the videos.

"We had a good demonstration and discussion with Mr. Spencer and his staff. We witnessed their CareBot self guiding and avoiding many obstacles --some moving-- with no collisions. We heard the robot interact verbally while automatically moving. We discussed the direct manufacturing cost structure of their mobile robots and desired royalty arrangements with Mr. Spencer. We were very much impressed and look forward to exposing their mobile robot solutions to our dozens of international affiliates," remarked Mr. Fujii.

Activities have increased greatly at GeckoSystems this summer. In addition to the recent meeting with ALTA representatives, the company has settled nicely into their new R&D facility. Work has begun to "collision proof" the Imasen wheelchair recently received. The ALTA representatives expressed great interest in the upgrade kit for wheelchairs as well as the many other applications for GeckoSystems' proprietary robotic technologies.

"It was indeed a pleasure and very satisfying to demonstrate some of our mobile robot solutions to this knowledgeable senior management team from Japan. Once again, Mr. Yasumatsu has performed very well for us. We are excited as we move forward with ALTA in the expansion of our international marketing activities.

"Of course due to the delicacy and sensitivity of our ongoing domestic and international discussions regarding our mobile robot solutions, it would be inappropriate to reveal more details at this time. However, given the demonstrable performance by Mr. Yasumatsu, I believe there is reason for continued optimism for additional successes due to the recent demonstrations and discussions with the ALTA group. This is yet another illustration that our suite of proprietary mobile robot solutions has significant international market potential. These ongoing --and potentially very fruitful-- discussions position us on the cusp between being a Development Stage and an Emerging Growth company. Our continued marketing progress bodes well for our nearly 1,400 stockholders and a satisfying ROI for them," concluded Martin Spencer, Pres./CEO, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.

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