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GeckoSystems Applying Mobile Robot Solutions to Reduce Healthcare Costs

CONYERS, GA, May 13, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp, a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service(TM)," (PINKSHEETS: GOSY) ( -- revealed today their initial robotic system concept to further tech enable healthcare providers with more cost effective solutions in caring for patients in wheelchairs needing routine vital sign monitoring.

Recently GeckoSystems announced their first Japanese order with the oldest Japanese wheelchair manufacturer, Imasen Engineering, to upgrade two of their power wheelchairs to be "collision proof." This order to upgrade was secured by GeckoSystems' long time Japanese business development representative, Mr. Hajime Yasumatsu (Chairman of Yasu, Inc.) and a recently signed representative, Mr. Tsunenuri Kato (President/CEO of ifoo Co., Ltd.). They jointly secured GeckoSystems' first Japanese order.

Care for infirm, chronically ill, and frail individuals with various potentially life threatening episodes is a significant problem throughout the world. The national and international shortage of qualified doctors, nurses and other appropriate health care professionals is well documented in numerous publications and research studies. Tech enabling care givers is a 21st century solution to this century old problem of cost effective family and societal healthcare.

GeckoSystems has been developing eldercare capable personal robots, the CareBot(TM), for nearly 14 years. Recently they completed their first year of in home trials with many insightful and unexpected benefits to not only the care receiver, but also the extended care giving family. Given this experience, they believe that an eldercare capable robotic wheelchair upgrade could cost effectively assist those infirm family members that are not typically able to walk about freely, needing routine vital sign monitoring and immediate notification of appropriate care givers when vital sign limits are triggered. This group represents family members requiring nearly constant monitoring.

This robotic wheelchair, or ChairBot(TM), would consist of a wheelchair equipped with several artificial intelligence systems (GeckoSavants(TM)) developed for the CareBot. In concert these systems enable the occupant of the chair to benefit from automatic collision avoidance and room-to-room transitions. GeckoChat(TM) would provide verbal interaction for control of the wheelchair and annunciate medication and other timely reminders. The GeckoScheduler(TM) would time and commence the prompting of the various reminders for medication and/or vital sign measurements such as blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar and/or oxygenation level, EKG monitoring, etc. mounted on the wheelchair. The GeckoSuper(TM) would be programmed by the care givers such that appropriate alarms would trigger should any pre-set vital sign parameters be exceeded and pre-designated parties promptly notified by pager, email, and/or cell phone. In nursing homes or assisted living facilities each ChairBot would be wirelessly networked into the residence's IS system for continuous monitoring of each individual's vital signs as they went about their daily routines.

While the cost of the ChairBot would be greater than that of a CareBot, the cost benefit ratio would be even more extraordinary since semi-professional and professional care givers would no longer be required to be in near constant physical proximity of the care receiver. Hence one care giver could provide complete monitoring of multiple patients and yet be immediately notified if any of their vital signs exceeded pre-established bounds.

Martin Spencer (President/CEO of GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.) stated: "Of course due to the delicacy and sensitivity of our ongoing domestic and international discussions regarding the ChairBot, it would be inappropriate to reveal details at this time. However, given the demonstrable performance by Mr. Kato and Mr. Yasumatsu, I believe there is reason for continued optimism for additional successes. This is yet another application of our suite of proprietary mobile robot solutions with significant market potential. These ongoing and potentially very fruitful discussions position us on the cusp between being a Development Stage and an Emerging Growth company. Our continued marketing progress bodes well for our nearly 1,400 stockholders and a satisfying ROI for them."

About Yasu, Inc.:

Yasu is a U.S. corporation domiciled in Missouri that provides professional services including business development support, networking events, extensive market intelligence, access to bilingual Japanese businesses, and English to Japanese translation of sales and technical information.

About Imasen Engineering Corporation:

Imasen electric wheelchairs are dedicated to the pursuit of safety and comfort, designed to be an indispensable and supportive component of one's life. They have been developed not only to be comfortable for the rider, but also easy for caretakers to operate, easy on the environment, and pleasant to look at with an attractive design.

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