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GeckoSystems Reduces Sensor Fusion Costs Due to Elder Care Robot Trials

CONYERS, GA--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GOSY) announced today that their sensor fusion system, GeckoOrient™, had been significantly cost reduced while maintaining prior performance and reliability levels. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service™."

"The newly improved GeckoOrient 2.0 further leverages the distinct advantages of multiple unique sensors in order to produce accurate information regarding robot orientation at a much lower cost than a single sensor of comparable performance. Testing has shown the data update rates and accuracy from GeckoOrient have maintained or improved performance while significantly reducing costs. The primary enabler for these cost saving improvements is the robust and flexible nature of the GeckoSPIO™, specifically its support of a wide variety of communications protocols," observed Kevin O'Connor, Sr. EE Roboticist, GeckoSystems.

The GeckoSPIO is the critical interface between the robot's physical platform and higher AI functions. This interface provides a level of abstraction for the commands sent to, and the data sent from, the robot platform. The abstraction and hierarchal architecture the GeckoSPIO provides simplifies interacting with the platform and the real world for the high-level software, along with enabling a wide array of sensor fusion techniques.

"Our sensor loving, fully autonomous AI guidance software, GeckoNav™, continues to perform in its exemplary manner to sense and avoid collisions, without human intervention. The new, more cost effective GeckoOrient reduces the funds needed to expand our ongoing, world's first in home elder care robot trials," observed Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

According to Wikipedia: "Sensor fusion is the combining of sensory data or data derived from sensory data from disparate sources such that the resulting information is in some sense better than would be possible when these sources were used individually."

Every day we use "sensor fusion" in our routine activities. For example, we smell smoke and then look for a grayish cloud to determine the source of the smoke, its proximity, and consequent degree of danger to us. In noisy crowds when we talk with someone, we use lip reading to enable us to understand what we don't hear clearly. Humans use sensor fusion every day to make choices based on data that is interdependent, or incomplete, versus using only one of our five senses. The better the sensor fusion, the better the choices and the more "actionable" the "situation awareness" is.

GeckoSystems employs proprietary sensor fusion technologies not only in its flagship automatic self-navigation software, GeckoNav, but also in GeckoTrak™, the GeckoSPIO, and GeckoOrient. GeckoTrak uses advanced sensor fusion to merge machine vision, passive infrared, and sonar to identify and/or locate the person of interest such that GeckoTrak can inform GeckoNav automatically as to the whereabouts of the designated person for continuous proximate monitoring. GeckoOrient automatically and intelligently merges sensor data from odometry (dead reckoning), a solid-state compass, and accelerometer-based gyroscopes (IMUs), for enhanced orientation accuracy while errand running, patrolling, or following a designated person.

"Our ongoing world's first in home elder care robot trials have garnered many inquiries for us regarding our business model, technologies available for licensing, and interest in joint domestic and international ventures. We continue to expect technology-licensing revenues to precede revenues from product manufacturing and sales and have two or three in active discussions. This augurs well for increased ROI and shareholder value for our nearly 1400 investors," summarized Spencer.

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