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GeckoSystems Applauds Article, "Gates: Robots Are Next Hot Health Technology"

CONYERS, GA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2010) - GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GOSY) ( -- announced today that they are very pleased with the recent press coverage reaffirming Bill Gates', Microsoft's chairman, vision of robots in healthcare.

GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry revolutionizing its development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service(tm)."

"All of us here at GeckoSystems are excited about Aliya Sternstein's article entitled: 'Gates: Robots are next hot health technology.' ( Ms. Sternstein is the staff correspondent that researched and prepared this online article," stated Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

In the article she quotes Gates as saying, "Advances in robotics will greatly enhance health care delivery over the next decade." The computer is "learning to see, it's learning to talk, it's learning to listen... and it's learning to move around," he said, predicting that ambulatory machines would be relatively cheap in about five years. "The dexterity things are maybe five years behind." The comments came at a conference to showcase advances in mHealth, or mobile health, organized by the National Institutes of Health, the independent nonprofit Foundation for NIH and the mHealth Alliance.

Since late last year GeckoSystems has been involved in the world's first in home elder care robot trials to learn more about the realities of providing families with more cost effective solutions to enable them to take better care of their elderly parents for less worry, money and time.

"Clearly, given the foregoing perception of visionaries such as Microsoft's Gates, GeckoSystems has 'first mover' advantage due to having solved many of the issues and concerns involving human safety and mobile service robots (MSRs) working efficiently with no human control or intervention in dynamic, unstructured environments," reflected Spencer.

In the December 16, 2006, issue of 'Scientific American,' the leader of the PC revolution, Bill Gates, predicted, 'A Robot in Every Home.' To view the article, go to:

Service robots can be used to provide domestic aid for the elderly and disabled; serving various functions ranging from cleaning to entertainment to remote monitoring. The high cost of labor in developed countries and the increasing need for assisted living has led to the development of the service robotics market. As service robots are in greater proximity to humans, the technology involves more safety concerns over human-machine interaction. However, developments in the manufacture of intelligent and safer robots by GeckoSystems address the issues of safety, manipulation, and sensing. Thus, GeckoSystems is well prepared for the day when every home will have a robot.

"We project the available market size in dollars for cost effective, utilitarian, multitasking eldercare personal robots in 2011 to be $74.0B, in 2012 to be $77B, in 2013 to be $80B, in 2014 to be $83.3B, and in 2015 to be $86.6B. With market penetration projections of 0.03% in 2011, 0.06% in 2012, 0.22% in 2013, 0.53% in 2014, and 0.81% in 2015, we will anticipate CareBot sales, from this consumer market segment, only, of $22.0M, $44.0M, $176M, $440.2M, and $704.3M, respectively. We expect these sales despite -- and perhaps because of -- the present recession due to pent up demand for significant cost reduction in eldercare expenses. We continue to work very hard to achieve the satisfying ROI our approximately 1400 GCKO stockholders deserve," opined Spencer.

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