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GeckoSystems Releases Statistics Further Substantiating Naked Shorting Activities

CONYERS, Ga., Sept. 3, 2010 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) -- revealed today further analyses depicting the level of naked shorting of GCKO stock. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service™."

GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot (MSR) industry revolutionizing their development and usage with their "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™".

GeckoSystems' CEO wants to set the record straight for shareholders regarding the current situation of its stock. It has come to our attention that in recent weeks and months that GCKO stock has been massively shorted. However, as a company, we cannot do much directly about the shorting of our stock aside from reporting it to FINRA and/or the SEC.

Nonetheless, in the last month, on the same date, GeckoSystems management secured lists from Broadridge and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) that quantify how many GCKO shares are held by which brokers and/or clearing houses. Unless naked shorting is occurring, the quantities of stock held by the brokerages should be the same, or nearly so, from both Broadridge's "NOBO" list and DTCC's "SPR" list.

DTCC, through its subsidiaries, provides clearance, settlement and information services for equities. Broadridge provides mission-critical products and services for securities processing, clearing & outsourcing, and investor communication.

The eight brokerages/clearing houses holding the most GCKO shares for clients on this same date last month were:

Brown Brothers/Harriman (NOBO: 500,000; SPR: 3,744,357),
Charles Schwab (NOBO: 9,327,536; SPR: 9,979,476),
E*Trade (NOBO: 12,719,363; SPR: 12,859,605),
National Financial Services (NOBO: 11,593,340; SPR: 11,714,740),
Penson Financial (NOBO: 8,345,263; SPR: 8,497,990),
RBC Capital Markets (NOBO: 8,190,646; SPR: 6,269,446),
Scottrade (NOBO: 14,401,790; SPR: 15,018,489),
and TD Ameritrade (NOBO: 18,694,690 ; SPR: 21,738,670).

A cursory perusal reveals that five of the foregoing are "pretty good." The other three depict significant differences in their GCKO holdings to Broadridge and DTCC. Some GCKO investors may wish to notify their broker to place their GCKO stock on their "no loan" list to coerce their brokerage into not using their personally held GCKO shares for any shorting whatsoever of GCKO stock.

We will continue to do everything in our power to be completely, but prudently, transparent with our shareholders.

BUYINS.NET, who provides Regulation SHO compliance monitoring, short sale trading statistics, and market integrity surveillance coverage, reports, the average percentage of the daily volume being shorted lingers in the 35%. The total aggregate number of shares shorted since August 2009 is approximately 138.4 million shares. The SqueezeTrigger price for all (Pinksheets:GCKO - News) shares shorted is $0.022. The next short squeeze will begin when GCKO closes above $.0133, where approximately 17.63 million shares have been shorted between $.01 and $.0133.

"We have worked very hard for many years to provide a high quality investment vehicle with ready liquidity and transparency for our hundreds of investors. We secured our trading symbol by satisfying FINRA's 15c-211 requirements in September of 2007. We secured DTC eligibility for electronic trading in January of 2008 and became a DRS participant in July of 2009 to further ensure and enhance that liquidity. Now, we again report results from this stock market analytic firm renowned for its demonstrable success in routinely and reliably identifying, with statistical substance, those market-makers engaged in the naked short selling of stock contrary to the SEC's Regulation SHO.

"We are very pleased to continue to provide this heightened level of transparency to our present GCKO stockholders and other prospective investors. As we continue to effectuate our corporate policy of providing stockholders heightened liquidity and transparency, this provides our stockholders an enhanced view of the market's activity in GCKO trading and probable greater ease in their purchases and sales of GCKO stock. We wish to communicate to our hundreds of stockholders that this greater transparency and efficiency in the marketplace for our stock as a BUYINS.NET subscriber may further enhance the value of GCKO stock and increase ROI for them. Some investors may view the present GCKO share price to be artificially depressed due to the ongoing and significant naked shorting of GCKO shares," opined Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

In the past 2 months, the company has partnered with Sprint and one of the largest elder care robot companies in Japan, Business Design Laboratory Co., Ltd. (BDL). The company anticipates major company announcements in the immediate future. GCKO is poised to break through the biotech sector as the leader in elderly robot care.

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