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GeckoSystems In Commercial Security Robot Discussions With National Provider

CONYERS, Ga., Aug. 23, 2010 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (Pink Sheets:GCKO) -- revealed today that a national provider of corporate, industrial and residential security solutions and proprietary monitoring has expressed interest in using SecurityBots™ from GeckoSystems.

GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot (MSR) industry revolutionizing their development and usage with their "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™".

"Martin Spencer, President/CEO of GeckoSystems stated: "As all of us here at GeckoSystems are excited about this development, due to the nature of the ongoing negotiations I feel it is in the best interest of all parties involved to withhold the name of this national commercial security firm at this time. The upcoming meetings, demonstrations, and potential outcome(s) of it is something that has been in the works since our founding and is now coming to what looks to be an extraordinarily profitable culmination.".

This commercial security firm integrates surveillance and access control systems to live monitor security cameras using advanced video analytics, motion detection and continuously streamed video. This is a higher level of service than anyone else offers. They proactively look for intruders outside a facility well before an event or burglar alarm is triggered. The company targets both large and small businesses as well as cities and municipalities that can benefit from their managed service approach. To date, their live-monitoring clients include large corporations, auto dealers, schools, manufacturers, construction sites, large retailers and many more.

For a mobile service robot to be perceived as capable of providing any form of commercial surveillance it must respond appropriately to the dynamics of its proximate environment. This requires a high level of situational awareness. Since situational awareness is the ability to generate actionable knowledge through the use of timely and accurate information about the immediate environment in a common sense manner, it necessarily requires the environmental understanding resulting from blended sensor systems (i.e. sensor fusion) and the common sense implications of those combined perceptions.

Sensor fusion is a type of scientifically optimized and homogenized disparate detection systems resulting from the implicit synergies in carefully aggregated, subsumptive sensory systems. These deliberately combined detection systems enable heightened, if not extraordinary, environmental perception sufficient to indicate common sense responses. Given the high number of sensors reporting to GeckoNav™ and GeckoSuper™, it is readily apparent why a GeckoSystems' SecurityBot™ has an extraordinarily high level of situation awareness

GeckoSuper not only combines sensory data internally, it also inputs synergistically fused sensory data from the GeckoMC™ (MotorController), GeckoCSA(™ (CompoundedSensorArray) and GeckoOrient™. These multiple layers of sensor fusion enable GeckoNav to timely execute sense and avoid maneuvers without human guidance and/or intervention to achieve a level of automatic mobile robot navigation for unmanned patrolling of predetermined monitoring areas.

GeckoTrak™ merges and interprets data from three different sensor systems to achieve sensor fusion such that it can automatically detect and/or follow an intruder person anywhere within its detection range. GeckoTrak intelligently fuses sensory information internally and also inputs intelligently abstracted sensory data from the CompoundedSensorArray, GeckoOrient, and a machine vision pan/tilt video camera.

GeckoSystems� proprietary sensor fusion techniques and architecture can be extended to include machine vision, directional microphones, millimeter wave radar, LIDAR, hand gun weapon detect, biohazard detect, toxic gas detect, bomb detect, radioactivity detect, facial recognition, voice recognition, et cetera for the creation of a SuperSentinel™ class mobile service robot.

"It has been our long held business strategy to form joint ventures with firms that have existing distribution in commercial security, professional healthcare, agriculture, or defense. As a result of our recent Delphi market research regarding applicability of our mobile robot solutions for commercial security, we can now say with more substance that this marketplace is demonstrably interested due to the extraordinary cost/benefit ratio of our SecurityBot and portends greater ROI for our nearly 1400 stockholders," concluded Spencer.

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