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GeckoSystems Releases World's First Elder Care Robot Trial Videos

CONYERS, GA, May 14, 2010 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) -- announced today that they have released videos taken in the home of one of their elder care robot trial participants. GeckoSystems initiated these groundbreaking mobile service robot trials late last fall.

GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot (MSR) industry revolutionizing their development and usage with their "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™".

"My mother has gotten used to having the CareBot™ around her these last few months. She recently turned 94 so her privacy continues to be very important to her and me. I believe these videos of the CareBot following her from her bedroom to her breakfast table show how this benefit allows me to continue working at my PC in the other end of our home while she goes to breakfast," reflected the primary caregiver.

"This is an excellent example of our advanced GeckoSavant™ software architecture. In these videos, you can see from two perspectives, one onboard the CareBot and another simultaneously off board. The GeckoSuper™ orchestrates GeckoNav™ and GeckoTrak™ to invoke the emergent beneficial behavior of following an elderly person around their home as they go about their daily routines," observed Mark Peele, Vice President, R&D, GeckoSystems.

The GeckoSuper is the GeckoSavant responsible for system-wide orchestrated "common sense." For example, given two or more inputs, GeckoSuper can determine the order in which they need to be addressed. GeckoNav is the AI software guidance system for the CareBot that provides automatic self-navigation without human intervention. GeckoTrak is the AI software system using sensor fusion that delivers a goal to GeckoNav by way of the GeckoSuper to seek.

"We are very pleased to make these substantive elder care robot trial videos available on our website and We show the same sequence from two different perspectives to carefully document the veracity of these groundbreaking, world's first elder care robot trials. We continue to make progress in demonstrating the benefit of our CareBots, securing contract manufacturing for the pent up demand, and potentially licensing of our suite of technologies; for increased ROI for our investors," concluded Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

New Video: Elder Care Robot Trial Video

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