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GeckoSystems Discusses Commercial Market Size for Their Mobile Robot Solutions

CONYERS, Ga., Apr. 8, 2010 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) -- -- reported today that while they consider the business-to-business (B2B) market place to be more risk averse than the consumer, but despite that reality, their significant B2B markets indicate that very low market penetrations are needed to achieve those revenue forecasts. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™".

The US professional healthcare sector includes more than 820,000 hospitals, doctor offices, emergency care units, nursing homes, and social services providers with combined annual revenue of more than $1 trillion. These major companies include Kaiser Permanente, HCA, and Ascension Health. When it comes to developing devices to help doctors monitor patients' health remotely, we're talking multibillion dollar potential. This professional telehealth market is predicted to grow from $3 billion in 2009 to $7.7 billion by 2012. And with the 65-and-older demographic estimated to be more than 71 million people by 2030, telehealth, especially cost effectiveness in the home, promises to be huge.

The security systems services industry in the US includes about 5,000 companies with combined annual revenue of around $14 billion. Major companies include ADT Security Services (owned by Tyco International), Protection One, and Broadview Security (formerly Brink's Home Security).

US homeland defense markets were at $441 million in 2007 and are anticipated to reach $43.7 billion by 2014. Market growth will come from the US government, domestic law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and first responders implementing automated processes that support existing manual processes.

These three B2B markets, in aggregate, constitute over $50 billion per year in market size in the near term.

"For example, GeckoSystems expects to enjoy a 50% gross margin on consumer sales. Since R&D expenses will be charged to B2C sales, it is possible, if not probable, that B2B sales would enjoy an 80% gross margin. B2B revenue streams would be relatively unburdened except for direct costs for sales, marketing, support, and administration. So if we hold total B2B revenues to only one half of that of B2C (for the first three years) and 33% in years 4 and 5, those forecasts would be, from these B2B market segments only: $11.0M, $22.0M, $88M, $146.7M, and $234.7M, respectively.

"In this scenario, our net profit after taxes could climb from our projected 20% to over 30%. These additional B2B revenues could push our gross revenues to over $900 million annually by June 31, 2016. While we are not relying heavily on B2B revenues, recently we have started soliciting in those marketplaces at and have had some notable inquiries.

"As one may realize, given the scope of these B2B and B2C markets, we have factual basis for our belief that our numerous B2B opportunities, in tandem with our B2C sales revenues, will further increase ROI for our investors in GCKO stock," opined Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

Please note:

The foregoing discussion does not include any international revenues whatsoever. For example, the Japanese Robot Association predicts that by 2025, the personal robot industry will be worth more than $50 billion a year worldwide, compared with about $5 billion in 2007.

In the January 2007 issue of "Scientific American," Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, the world's largest software company, authored "A Robot in Every Home" with discussions as to why he expects that reality sooner than later. There are 110 million homes in this US consumer market.

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