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GeckoSystems to Have Live Monitoring from Elder Care Robot Trials at Conference

CONYERS, GA, -- March 23, 2010 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) -- a dynamic leader in the emerging mobile robotics industry, revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™" , announces today, that during their upcoming "Mobile Robots in Motion" Conference, they will be demonstrating a live video monitoring feed from one of their "world's first" in-home eldercare robot trials' participants.

"We are very excited to have secured permission from one of our elder care robot trial participants to show a live video feed of their elderly mothers' activities. This caregiver is a baby boomer and her elderly mother is in her mid-nineties. We will be monitoring real time streaming video of the caregiver's mother and the CareBot's™ ability to wake up automatically when she arises in the morning then, gracefully follow her as she moves about in her home. We are thrilled and very appreciative to have received permission to reveal how the CareBot™ system performs in the private home," Martin Spencer, President/CEO of GeckoSystems revealed.

"We use multiple layers of sensors and sensor systems to achieve what is best described as 'actionable situational awareness.' For example, our CareBots™ are capable of powering down unnecessary systems to lengthen battery life while the subject sleeps, then power back up automatically should the elderly subject get out of bed in the middle of the night. The CareBot™ 'watches over' the care receiver using a scientifically developed fusion of sonar, active infrared, passive infrared, etc. to enable the CareBot™ to be aware of the care receiver's movements, so that GeckoTrak™ can guide GeckoNav™ to stay proximate to the subject so that GeckoChat™ can have verbal interaction with her. The GeckoSuper™ then determines whether and/or when to automatically notify the caregiver that the subject is 'up and about' and may need the care giver to look in personally, either over the video camera, or with a physical visit," stated Spencer.

"Our revolutionary system of modern eldercare will postpone, if not eliminate, many elderly persons from having to endure the loneliness and loss of independence due to leaving their own homes and living in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Their families can now better manage the difficult decisions regarding independence they're able to allow their now dependent aged parent, while minimizing the concern and risk the adult care giving child is willing to assume to enable an acceptable level of independence and consequential risks (to the caregiver) for their now dependent parent." Spencer concluded.

The "Mobile Robots in Motion" conference will be held at GeckoSystems' new 4,000 square feet R&D and manufacturing facility just south of Conyers, Georgia in nearby Honey Creek. Attendees, perhaps some from JETRO, will be able to witness not only our flagship product; the CareBot™, but also our proprietary automatic self-navigation software; GeckoNav™, and the reality that they have a complete multitasking personal companion robot, the CareBot™, with voice interaction and 'command and control' capabilities arising from GeckoChat™, verbal reminders from GeckoChat™ and GeckoScheduler™ and the ability to routinely follow a designated family member with GeckoTrak™. The personal companion robot; "the CareBot™", has now been in limited evaluation trials for just over three months.

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