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GeckoSystems' Develops New GeckoScheduler™ for Elder Care Robot Trials

CONYERS, GA, -- February 18, 2010 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) -- announced today that they have recently developed GeckoScheduler 2.0 as they continue to better understand the benefit of personal care robots, such as their CareBot™, to the family in their ongoing in home evaluation trials. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service™."

"We are learning that valued family behaviors can be readily expressed to the care receiver using a CareBot due to the robustness of its functionality. Here, primarily GeckoChat™ and GeckoScheduler™ are utilized. Our caregivers have been telling us that the earlier version of GeckoScheduler was cumbersome and required repeated entries for the same reoccurring reminders. Hence our recent rewrite of this important GeckoSavant™," commented Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

"This new version was developed in response to caregivers in our present elder care robot trials. I am pleased to have GeckoScheduler separated from GeckoChat and accessible to every GeckoSavant. Now it is a stand alone AI engine and usable for more than just time and date scheduling of verbal reminders due to its increased flexibility," observed Mark Peele, Vice President, R&D, GeckoSystems.

GeckoScheduler 2.0 enables the care giver to program the CareBot to remind her mother of her grandchildren's birthday wishes many times a day so even though she may forget, she gets "reminded" of their best wishes. The new GeckoScheduler eliminates putting in more than one instance of the phrase, paragraph, or anecdote for the same reoccurring reminder. Now only one entry is needed with multiple announcements per hour or day.

"We have recently learned that important, valued family behaviors and anecdotes can now be aggregated by members of the family and/or friends to further personalize the CareBot's interaction with the care receiver. Hence our coining of the more appropriate term, 'personal family robot,' as compared to simply 'personal robot.' Our new GeckoScheduler makes this aggregation of valued family behaviors as told in anecdotes, quicker and easier to accomplish," summarized Spencer.

GeckoSavant is the generic name GeckoSystems uses to denote its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software engines. Historically AI expert systems are simply forward- or backward-chaining using if/then/else logic. Savant means "one with specialized knowledge." GeckoSavants not only use traditional expert systems technologies, but also subsumption and sensor fusion. Further GeckoSavants range on a continuum from skill centric to knowledge centric.

Like an automobile, mobile robots are made from steel, aluminum, plastic, and electronics, but with ten to twenty times the amount of software running. The CareBot has an aluminum frame, plastic shroud, two independently driven wheels, multiple sensor systems, microprocessors and several onboard computers connected in a local area network (LAN). The microprocessors directly interact with the sensor systems and transmit data to the onboard computers. The onboard computers each run independent, highly specialized cooperative/subsumptive AI software programs, GeckoSavants, which interact to complete tasks in a timely, intelligent and common sense manner. GeckoNav™, GeckoChat™ and GeckoTrak™ are primary GeckoSavants. GeckoNav is responsible for all fully autonomous maneuvering, such as avoiding dynamic and/or static obstacles, running errands and patrolling. GeckoChat is responsible for interaction with the care-receiver such as answering questions, assisting with daily routines and reminders, and responding to other verbal commands. GeckoTrak, which is mostly transparent to the user, enables the CareBot to maintain proximity to the care receiver using sensor fusion. The CareBot is an internet appliance that is accessible for remote video/audio monitoring and telepresence.

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