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World's First Personal Robot Trials To Be Enabled by GeckoSystems' Funding

CONYERS, Ga., Sept. 29, 2009 -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) announced today that Noah Clark, Jr., is continuing in his consultancy with GeckoSystems and will be assisting them in securing funding sufficient for GeckoSystems to begin manufacturing of their personal companion robot, the CareBot™, for the world's first in-home evaluation trials. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot (MSR) industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security and Service™."

"Due to our international competition from the Pacific Rim, Europe, and here in the U.S., we are very pleased to make this 'world's first' announcement. Our notable competitors in the Pacific Rim are Honda ("ASIMO"), Toyota ("Partner Robots"), Fujitsu (Frontech's "enon"), Sanyo ("FLATTHRU"), NEC ("PaPeRo"), Toshiba ("ApriAlpha", "ApriAttenda"), Samsung, Hitachi ("EMIEW"), Matsushita ("HOSPI"), Mitsubishi ("Wakamaru"), etc. In Europe: Robosoft ("robuLAB10"), Robowatch, Dyson, Husqvarna, etc. are working to achieve their first personal robot trials. In the U.S.: iRobot ("CiCi"), Mobile Robots ("PeopleBot"), RoboDynamics ("MILO"), Evolution Robotics, etc. are also still seeking to develop viable, cost effective mobile robot platforms.

"Academia is also very involved in personal robot development. Prestigious U.S. universities such as MIT ("Nexi", "Kismet"), Georgia Tech, Stanford University, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon University ("Flo"), University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, etc. are but a few of the domestic engineering schools engaged in personal companion robot research and development activities. None of them have sufficiently complete mobile robot solutions for in home evaluation trials.

"For over twelve years, we have worked to invent and assemble all the required hardware and software technologies determined by our market research needed for a truly cost effective and utilitarian personal companion robot, the CareBot. We are very pleased to have Mr. Clark's capable assistance in advising us in his consulting role to enable us to take our first product to the next stage in the execution of our business plan's sales and marketing strategies," commented Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems.

"From the perspective of my nearly thirty years in sales, marketing and strategic finance, I have thoroughly researched and studied GeckoSystems' business plan, marketing strategies, market research, and their technological realities and benefits in my extensive situation analysis review. Due to the significant potential before GeckoSystems in numerous markets, I am highly motivated by the opportunities now before me with GeckoSystems. I will introduce them to opportunities, individuals, and firms to attain suitable financing to enable the fabrication of a sufficient quantity of fourth generation CareBots for the world's first in-home personal companion robot eldercare trials," committed Noah Clark, Jr.

"In the near future, as we progress in the needed funding to begin manufacturing our first of several products, the CareBot, we will be releasing further details as to these upcoming in-home eldercare monitoring system trials with our first man rated, servant class personal companion mobile robot, the CareBot," concluded Spencer.

GeckoSystems' suite of "mobile robot solutions for safety, security, and service™" presently includes the following proprietary robotic technologies invented by their employees: GeckoNav™, GeckoChat™, GeckoTrak™, GeckoScheduler™, GeckoSuper™, GeckoZap™, GeckoSPIO™, CompoundedSensorArray™, GeckoOrient™, GeckoProx™, GeckoMotorController™, GeckoTactileShroud™, etc. These mobile robot solutions of GeckoSystems have had press releases distributed over the past year describing their functionality and then current state of development. These press releases are archived and available at the Company's website,

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