Investors: Press Release

GeckoSystems Minimizes Jerky Mobile Robot Movements

Conyers, GA, Jul 24, 2008 (WORLD STOCK WIRE via COMTEX) -- GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) announced today that they have further improved mobile robot performance, while holding costs constant, with the introduction of their newly improved GeckoMotorController™ 6.1 software. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot industry revolutionizing their development and usage with mobile robot solutions for safety, security, and service.™

The new GeckoMotorController uses a proprietary "constant energy" paradigm for extraordinarily smooth acceleration and de-acceleration of their mobile service robots (MSRs). "A �herky jerky' mobile robot platform can be very distracting when proximate to people and other living creatures. We are very pleased with the ballet smooth movement that is now one of our many mobile robot solutions. This friendlier, non-intimidating movement of our mobile robots will further speed the adoption of them by the consumer, professional healthcare, and commercial/homeland security marketplaces, while increasing ROI for our investors," concluded R. Martin Spencer, President/CEO.

The GeckoMotorController is written in C, uses quadrature encoded PWM and runs on the 40mhz eight-bit locomotion CPU that is a subsystem on the GeckoSPIO™. The GeckoSPIO has (2) eight-bit CPU's with (8) PWM outputs, (5) eight-bit MCU's, (3) DC to DC power supplies; and over (220) digital, (40) analog to digital, (17) serial and (2) 10/100mhz Ethernet I/O ports.

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