Investors: Frequently Asked Questions

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How did GeckoSystems International Corp. qualify to trade as GOSY?

GeckoSystems International Corporation's trading symbol, GOSY, was awarded by FINRA as a result of satisfying all their due diligence requirements from the filing of a 15c211. The company is DTC eligible.

How do I invest in GeckoSystems?

Please request investor information here or email

What is GeckoSystems' primary business?

GeckoSystems, Inc. specializes in supplying mobile service robots (MSRs) that automatically self-navigate homes, offices, or businesses. The robots are designed and engineered to autonomously perform the running of errands, patrolling, remote care giving (telemedicine), remote monitoring and other useful tasks without human assistance or intervention.

How does GeckoSystems Technology work?

GeckoSystems has numerous proprietary software and hardware solutioins. They can be combined in different ways to provide robotic solutions for the different markets that the company is addressing with their technology. The CareBot uses most of these technologies while solutions like the Collision Proof wheelchair uses only a subset of the technology that deals with sensors and navigation. For more information, link to our Technology FAQ.

What marketplaces are GeckoSystems involved in?

GeckoSystems' Mobile Service Robots (MSRs) have applications in the following marketplaces:

- Family Care
- Home Security
Professional Healthcare
- Hospital
- Nursing
- Assisted Living
- Rural Clinics (Telemedicine)
Government Systems
- Local Homeland Security
- State Homeland Security
- Federal Homeland Security
- International Military and Security
- Mine Clearing
Commercial Security
- Business Property
- Mass Transportation Terminal Security

When was GeckoSystems, Inc. incorporated?

December 20, 1999 for the purpose of developing low cost Mobile Service Robots (MSRs) appropriate for personal, business and government use.

Where is GeckoSystems' corporate headquarters located?

The company's corporate headquarters is located in beautiful Conyers, Georgia. Conyers is southeast of Atlanta outside the I-285 perimeter. The offices are conviently located less than an hour's drive from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

When does GeckoSystems' fiscal year end?

GeckoSystems' fiscal year ends on June 30.

Safe Harbor Statement:

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