GeckoSystems wishes investors to know that the company is mounting a vigorous defense against patterns of abusive trading and market making of the company's stock. In addition to the technology information on the site we are presenting informatin here to support our belief that GOSY is being manipulated.

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Delaware Judge puts an end to abusive lawsuit
against GeckoSystems and CEO Spencer.

Monthly Volume and Chart

Above chart in picture form.

Full Details on GOSY Share Structure

GeckoSystems Correspondence with FINRA

GeckoSystems Letter to FINRA Sept 8 2012

GeckoSystems Documentation Submitted to FINRA

Historical Reports on Market Maker Activity

Market Maker Activity for 2008

Market Maker Activity for 2009

Market Maker Activity for 2010

Market Maker Activity for 2011

Market Maker Activity for 2012

Why wasn't Reg SHO triggered with 38 million traded?

Data from OTC markets

Naked Short Selling is Real, Shareholders and Companies are Both Victims

Taser International Shareholders Sue Major Investment Brokers.